“I make film music for films that don’t exist.” – James Radcliffe

James Radcliffe is an independent musician based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

His music has enjoyed the #1 spot on Bandcamp, his blog is read in 170+ countries, and over 120’000 people subscribe to his social media channels.

In January 2018 he took all his music down from the internet and burned it.

He’s currently nearing the end of his next project.

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1,262 Replies to “About”

  1. I am most complemented you visited and liked my post about finding positive relationships. Thank you. I am intrigued with your site as well. It is a beautiful contribution to Universal Thought! Wishing you all good things, Elizabeth


      1. *LOL* Well I have a feeling there will be many awards drifting your way; as I said before, your ALBUM (yeay!) is going to go places you never imagined. Just you watch!

        Thank YOU, James!

        Cher xo


  2. Thank you James for stopping by thevoicedavidarchuleta.com and adding your Like. We have been there when David’s albums have been released so drop by and tell us about your day. He has been away in Chile for two years and about to return.

    This is an exciting day for you with the release of your album so all the best!



  3. James, I love you for your passion, your commitment to you. When we find a ‘thing’ in life that lets our soul speak? Gives us words where our mouth can’t form them, then by fuckery we have to do it eh :-). x


  4. Hi James, Thank you very much for your like. I find your blog very interesting and engaging. I admire your enthusiasm and creativity.

    Keep winning.



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