“I make film music for films that don’t exist.” – James Radcliffe

James Radcliffe is an independent musician based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

His music has enjoyed the #1 spot on Bandcamp, his blog is read in 170+ countries, and over 120’000 people subscribe to his social media channels.

In January 2018 he took all his music down from the internet and burned it.

He’s currently nearing the end of his next project.

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1,277 thoughts on “ About ”

  1. James,

    You don’t know me but I wanted to tell you thank you SOOOO much for taking time to read the post I had made about the struggles and difficulties my family and I are facing right now with my mom’s colon cancer diagnosis. It had been reblogged on “THEGIRLWHOFEAROBLIVION”‘s blog the other day and I saw you had “liked” it on there. Me and my brother are trying to do everything in our power to gain traction for the cancer relief crowd funding page that we put together for her. I would humbly ask that you contribute whatever you possibly can. Even if it’s $5 or something still every little bit helps. We’re just a small family of me, my mom and brother and she isn’t able to work because of her chemo and I haven’t been able to work much because I have to stay home and be a full time caregiver and guardian for my brother. I do some freelance work online and odd jobs around town but it’s not enough to support our family.

    Thank you SO much again for your time and consideration,

    Christopher Michael

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  2. Hello, James!

    Many thanks for liking my recent blog post; I appreciate it greatly. Congratulations to you for your accomplishments and your artistry and all best wishes for your continued growth and success.


    Jay Pochapin

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  3. Thank you for the [Everything is Broken]. A lot more detailed that the little card on the wall of the loo, out the back of the charity shop I volunteer at, that reads: Blessed are the cracked for they let in the light. For humanity we mend holes, sew on buttons, wet wipe the occasional mark and steam the clothes that come in. These then become again something useful and with sales techniques of laughter and honesty, money becomes useful again too.

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    1. You are very welcome. I really love your comment, and applaud what you do – yours is a good work.
      Maybe I should print out versions for loo walls. No? ;-)
      Hope your day is going well, feel free to hit me up anytime,
      – J

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      1. After the horses had finished work (horse drawn transport) my father as a young man galloped across the beach of Portobello. I have family up there in Falkirk. Small world, huge universe attending to us all.

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  4. Hey James, thanks for stopping by my blog, Side/Dishes. Feel free to follow along – I can’t wait to hear more of your music!


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  5. Hey James, I really appreciate your visit and your “like”. It’s nice to know that us less popular artists still get recognition from big – timers like yourself. Thank you for sharing the love.
    Be well
    All the best.

    – Mason

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