I am writing this just after dawn from the passenger seat of a car headed east.

And I’m writing to tell you that: Today is a Good Day.

Because today I am releasing brand-new music.

Why am I telling you this from the passenger seat of a moving vehicle?  Well, that’s a story for another time.  What’s important here, what’s always important, is the music.

Music can heal; can bring people together; can contain worlds.  Music can take you to that place where time stops and everything is rendered pure in ecstatic light.

So if you are in need of some healing, if you are feeling broken, or alone, or despondent; if you want to visit somewhere new, and beautiful, and good, and real…

…then here is a thing I made for you.

Breathe‘ is a brand-new 6 minute long piece of music that contains worlds.

It was written and recorded by me in my home studio, and mixed and mastered by the nascent genius, Kris Pohl (Idlewild, Jupiter Jones, Mutter et al) at Post Electric.

And today I’m offering it exclusively on Bandcamp at three different levels of support:

#1 – The Piece Itself – you get the track AND you get to support independent art directly. (£1 minimum)

#2 – The Deluxe Package – You get: the piece itself PLUS:
  • An exclusive 30+ minute audio commentary (in which I reveal secrets, tell the origin story of Breathe, and offer some insight into my process and how I make a living as a fully independent artist.)
  • A professionally mixed solo piano version of the track
  • The original iPhone demo of the very first time I played the piece.


#3Become a Patron – (Limited to 10 places) – You get EVERYTHING in the Deluxe package PLUS:

  • a personalised and signed handwritten thankyou note from me – mailed to anywhere in the world.
Become A Patron (£25 minimum)


This tier may seem odd, so let me explain.

Many of you know I’m an independent artist (meaning: when you pay for my art you are directly supporting the creation of More Good Things.)  What you may be unaware of is: because of this fact, many people consistently choose to pay MASSIVELY over the asking price for my work (sometimes by literally hundreds of pounds) in order to show their love and support what I do.  Which is amazing.  And incredible.  And one of the main reasons I can make a living doing this. (Thankyou)

In the past I haven’t had a special way to thank these beautiful benefactors – so I made this tier for them. If you are one of the people who give over the odds for the things I make then please take one of these slots so I can thank you personally.

(NOTE:  Since this morning 5 of the 10 slots have already been taken – if you want one,  get it while you can.)

(You can also buy any of the tiers as a gift.)

Because it was mixed and mastered professionally, this track sounds as good as anything else does on a phone or thru a laptop. But for the real deal, you want to listen to it on speakers, or headphones, maybe in the dark, and possibly loud.

If you are unfamiliar with, or haven’t used Bandcamp before don’t worry – it’s easy, ultra secure, and also very very good.  Bandcamp is one of the best platforms for independent creators because it allows people to directly support them.  You can download the files in any format or quality you choose (they are yours forever and you can copy them as many times as you like) and then put them directly into your favourite music provider (or if you prefer, stream on your device anywhere and forever with the Bandcamp app.)

I am incredibly grateful that I can talk with you in this way.  Thankyou for reading this.

Speak soon,

Be well,

All the love,

– J

Support Now

P.S. This music will be exclusive to Bandcamp for a little while, so no streaming at the moment (sorry.)

P.P.S. You are awesome. Speak soon xx

37 thoughts on “ It’s Time For Something Good… ”

  1. My rambling soul on a restless afternoon took pause for six whole minutes. There was some warm sunshine involved as well. A sigh and a smile. Congratulations on your release!

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  2. I somehow missed these lovely words…I did receive your newsletter…I hope to give this new piece a listen…my world went sideways this past October when I lost my father…I’m feeling in between worlds at the moment, perhaps your music will be a bridge to a new one, James!

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      1. Dad passed away on October 1st…I’m forever grateful that I was with him on his last day…I’m slowly making my way to the other side of grief. Thank you for your very kind words, they’ve warmed my heart on this rainy January day!

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        1. You are more than welcome.
          It is good that you were with him near the end, I had a similar experience caring for my Grandmother at the end of her life. Grief is always grief, but I think that engaging with the process helped me go through it.
          I hope you are well today, I am thinking of you,
          – J x

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          1. Thank you (again!), James, this means a lot! I’m wandering the beautiful world of WordPress at the moment with plans to enjoy a frothy hot chocolate later while polishing my latest post. I hope your day is filled with music and love…

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              1. I just saw your beautiful New Year’s Day photo on IG…I walked through the forest on Christmas Day…it’s a place that’s forever filled with sacred silence and magic…your place looks special, too!

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                1. I couldn’t resist letting you know that your pictures on IG lately are beautiful…the picture of your love made me catch my breath…two days ago on a dry day with some lovely filtered sunshine, I scattered my father’s ashes in delicious silence, deep in a forest that I can see from my windows while drinking tea. Your picture of your love is an echo of one taken of me…

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                  1. Your words really touched me. Thankyou so much, you are very beautiful.
                    I am sorry for any loss you may feel, but am glad that you seem to have done this, potentially hard thing, very well.
                    The sky is clear and blue and cold today, and I have coffee.
                    It is very nice to hear from you,
                    Big hug,
                    – J x

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                    1. A mid-winter break to the island will find me scattering the rest of his ashes near grazing deer and the ocean…your words never fail to bring more beauty into my world…thank you for caring, it means a lot!

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  3. Love your voice. It is so peaceful. It felt like a meditation. I like the lyric we were breaking open. Reminds me of a book. Breaking open is hard, yet brings growth, as your lyrics say. I like the new sound. The piano repeating is peaceful and then I can hear the other instruments in the background of your voice, especially the one that sounds like a triangle. Congrats on releasing new music! I look forward to listening to it when I need respite. Now please tell me what is Bandcamp for and how do I use it. I’m a newbie. I still use iTunes and an ipod, which I enjoy. I’m quite chatty for waking up. I think it’s the excedrin migraine kicking in. Woke up with one🙄
    Traci 🤗

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    1. First, I am sorry to hear that you have a headache, but Thankyou so, so much for your kind words. It means a lot to me that you have it.
      Bandcamp is a great platform for independent musicians because it allows fans to support the creators directly and pay whatever they want.
      If iTunes is your bag, just download the files and drag into iTunes – you should be good to go.
      Have a great one. Hope your head eases.
      Big hug x

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      1. Hi there! I like the idea of Bandcamp. I know it’s not easy to make a living in music, especially for independent musicians such as yourself. I’m glad I can help support you and listen to beautiful music. Sorry I’ve been mia, I moved into my own apartment; I was living with my parents for a short time. When it was time to move I was planning on going back to my old apartment, but there was a waiting list. I kept hoping it would move and I was 3rd on the list. Long story short, yes I am capable of that,I found the best place. It is so quiet, which is something I could never get at my parents. The maintenance is incredible and it’s a new town for me, so I am exploring and it is a small community. I love my apartment and my daughter likes it too; she’s away at college but I had everything all set up for her when she got home, right up to the hooks on the door for her robes. She was comfortable right away and had her friend come inside. So I moved right after Thanksgiving and had to set up and shop for Christmas and set up and shop for the apartment. Now I’m settling in. I listen to my music every day in peace. Have you heard the new Lana songs? They are very raw and intimate. Hey Blue Baby is great; the album comes out in March. Ok now I rambled enough, how are things with you and your music? I saw your pics on instagram; I love how you balance your music, your hiking, and your photography. I haven’t read any posts yet, but I will. I had my 5th editorial published last month. It wasn’t a popular topic and I knew that, but I didn’t care. The editor changed the name and his was better. I’m not sure if I told you about it. Basically it was about the accused not being persecuted without proof and due process. It all came up for me because of the sexual allegations against Borns. I emailed every magazine and radio station or promoter who pulled him out of line ups. I told them using social media as proof is not credible and I told them I hope they did their due diligence. Some people, including friends, said nothing, some agreed with me, but it didn’t matter. I don’t know what happened, but I can’t just believe a group of girls on twitter. I said I believe all these promoters and radio stations took such action because they didn’t want to be seen as not supporting women and I ended it with, who is supporting the accused? If I told you this already, I’m sorry. I saw him in concert in NYC during this time. He was nervous but great. Oh, I guess I’m not capable of writing without rambling! Imagine if you were with me, you would probably be like Traci shut up!! lol
        Hope all is well in Scotland. It is freezing and snowy here.
        P.S. Did I mention I met Johnny at the Beacon Theater in October on their 20 year anniversary Dizzy Up the Girl Tour. I got it through a fan auction. The money, 100 percent, goes to a shelter in Buffalo. I told him I was happy to be able to help out the kids and I got 2 hugs. Next meet and greet August 11th at Mohegan Sun. So excited!! I’ve got plans, only Johnny doesn’t know that. I bought a little black velvet dress and red heels. When I was waiting in line at the Beacon, he kept giving me the eye as I was moving up in the line. Yes, I’m obsessed, but not level 3 obsessed, maybe level 1. -;) The new album will be out before June, when tour starts.


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