My name is James Radcliffe.  I am an independent musician.  And in one week’s time I’ll be taking all my music down from the internet.  Forever.

In some places fire is a vital part of the ecology.  For new growth to flourish the old needs to burn.  There are forests on this earth that, instead of fearing the spark, pray for the fire and wish for the wind.

Why are you doing this?

To clear a path for the new.

I’ve spent a long time laying the groundwork for the things that are coming in 2018.  It’s going to next-level.  But in order for those things to come to pass I need to hit the reset button.

This is a gimmick, right?  Like a closing down sale?  This is a cash grab.

Not at all.

In fact, my first idea was just to do it without telling anybody –  no fuss, no muss, no hoo-haa.  But then I realized there were people who had bought the music who may have misplaced the files, or people who had been meaning to get it but hadn’t quite yet.

But you’re going to put it back up at some point, right?  I mean, it wont be gone forever?

As of this moment I have no intention of ever making this music available again.  For me, it has served it’s purpose.  I may play some of the pieces at gigs, but after this week these particular recordings will be ghosts in the wind.

But you are an independent musician who makes his living by selling music!  This does not seem like a Sound Business Strategy.  WTF?

I know, right? ;-)

Don’t worry.  New things are coming.  Brand new, exciting, insanely beautiful things.  I am going to be doing things in 2018 that have never been tried before by anybody.

But before that happens, something gotta burn.

It begins with fire.

Get ready.

Useful Notes:

To make it as easy as possible to get the music before it disappears I’ve bundled everything together (7 releases in total) and reduced the price by 50% – you can get the 50% bundle by clicking here and scrolling down to the offer.  (This obviously only lasts until the 5th of January).

Important: If you have already purchased my music but don’t have the files you should re-download them from Bandcamp before the deadline.  If you have any trouble with this email me thru the ‘Contact’ page before the 5th.  After that they will no longer be available to stream thru the app, and if you miss the deadline I wont be able to help you.

Big love, big hug, stay safe – J

P.S. If you’d like to be the first to find out what’s happening in 2018 sign up to the mailing list.

16 thoughts on “ It Begins With Fire… ”

      1. Sounds intriguing…I do scan our weekly entertainment newspaper in hopes you might be playing here in our beautiful city sometime soon…it would be cool to hear you playing live! If it’s not meant to be I’m happy to continue reading your words here (always!)!

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  1. Luckily I have most of your music downloaded then :-). I will look forward to your next move. I hope that I can follow whatever you do from here in Australia. Have fun creating James and I will continue to happily listen to what you’ve already created and wait with baited breath for the ‘something new’.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I like this new approach. It might look like a bad choice at first glance, but I am convinced that it is the right way to do it.
    (And now… I quickly need to check if I downloaded the music or just streamed it… ;) )


    Liked by 2 people

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