A Trace of Memory – A New, Free, and Ephemeral Thing

I make things all the time.  Pieces of music, poetry, little collections of photographs, essays (impromptu dance routines) etc, etc.  Some things grow into larger projects and some I make just to make.

One of my favourite things is to show up in the studio (can you see I have nothing up my sleeve?) and create a piece of music from the ground up in a single session.  I call these pieces ‘fragments’.

I find working in this way a nice counterpoint to longer more involved efforts, it’s how I play, how I blow off steam. 

At the last count I have literally hundreds of these pieces, all locked away in my digital vault gathering virtual dust in the binary void.  Occasionally I’ll listen to one, but mostly they just sit there in the dark, doing whatever zeros and ones do when left entirely to their own devices.  It’s the making that is the interesting part for me, the process and flow of it, not the having; I’ve never put any of these pieces out in any kind of public way.

Until now, that is.

Because yesterday, on a total whim, I decided to make one available for anyone who was interested.

It’s called ‘A Trace of Memory‘ and was made in a single studio session (around 5-6 hours total) using: a piano, a ukulele, an electric guitar and a bunch of random electronics.  I’m not sure what it’s about – I’ll leave that up to you to decide – but I do know that I like it, and hopefully you will too.

Unfortunately you missed this one…

‘A Trace of Memory’ is now in the ether.  To make sure you don’t miss out next time click the link below and I’ll send you an email when I have news or release something.  I won’t email you for any other reason, or share your address with anyone else.  Oh, and you’ll get some free music as well. 

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