2016 was a hard year for a lot of people.  In the hope of redressing the balance (even if only slightly) I offer you a Gift.

I’ve just finished a brand new EP of music and I am putting it out today.  It is called: ‘Murder The Impossible‘.

Here is the Website where you can listen to the teaser trailer, read what people have been saying, and learn more about the record itself.

The people on my mailing list got to hear it early, and I’m glad to say that initial reports have been unanimously favorable.

I’ll be talking more about it in the near future, but for now I just wanted to let you know that it was out there.

As with all of my records 10% of all profits are going directly to VSN, a charity which: houses, feeds, clothes and educates orphaned children in Nepal.  Said differently: when you buy my record, you are literally making the world a better place.

I hope this message finds you well.  Big love, speak soon,


Get The New Record Now

36 thoughts on “ ANNOUNCEMENT! ”

  1. My dear incredible friend,

    I have written you a novel, the FB will surely come crashing down around us! (the price you must pay for having created such a sublime collection :) ) – which is simply to say, in a mad pile of words I hope you enjoy, BRAVO.

    Massive congratulations, every success, and crushing amounts of love and respect for all you do to resurrect the life in the veins of the world. Continue, continue . . . xx

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    1. I have only just seen this in it’s entirety and humble beg your forgiveness for the tardiness of my response.
      You are, of course, incredible. Thankyou for your words, and for you.
      And for everything else.
      Big hug, big love, xx

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  2. The teaser sounds fantastic and very emotional. The third segment of the teaser: I got this vision of flying through a temperate forest on a highland like an owl, feeling the wind.

    I’m very impressed that you put everything together by yourself! Great job~

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  3. The teaser trailer sounds beautiful, professional and relaxing. It gives me the first impression that the music is very well-performed, so I believe you must have spent thousands of hours working on this record. I think I might get the digital album.

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