In the early hours of November 9th 2016 Donald Trump won the 2016 Election and become President Elect of the United States of America.

If you are looking for details of that story, you have come to the wrong place; that is not why I am writing this.

I am writing this, for you.

For if you (as I do) think that Donald Trump as President is a Very Bad Idea, then we have work to do.

I know that it is too soon.  That for some of you the shock and disbelief will be too near; but despair is a luxury we cannot afford.

Donald Trump did not win the election by accident.  People voted for him; in vast numbers.  And this day is the darker for it.

If you are angry, I understand.  If you are scared, I understand.  If you cannot believe this is happening, I understand.

Trump’s election has shone a harsh light on the very real wounds of America, wounds which speak bluntly to our collective failure as citizens of the world.  Our failure to effectively educate, our failure to heal division, our failure to meaningfully engage.

But now is not the time for blame or recrimination.  Hatred cannot be our answer, and more fear will only feed the fires of division.  This is our time now, our challenge; this is the task that has been set before us.

Apathy is the enemy.  If we give up we become part of the problem.  If we want things to improve we have to work.

Moving forward, we must work to effectively educate.  We must work to heal division.  And we must work to engage more people in this process.

Because this is not just about America, it is about the world and every soul in it.  It is about you, and it is about me; it is about our families, and it is about our friends; it is about our future, and it is about the world we choose to leave behind for those who will follow.

Take heart my friend.  If you are reading this then there is hope.  Today may be dark but, as long as we still draw breath we carry with us the opportunity to make things better.  This is not hyperbole, nor is it panacea.  I believe it with every fiber of my being.

I believe in us.

And I believe, in you.


Two Things:

If you are having a hard time then I am here for you.  If you need to speak to someone feel free to write me, either thru the mailing list or by using the comments section.

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182 thoughts on “ Hatred Cannot Be Our Answer… ”

  1. Thanks James, as always a thoughtful post and I have reblogged. If we keep up our hope for a best outcome, are mindful of how we react and do it with gentle knowledge exchange, than maybe we can avoid our worst fears.

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    1. Hey there Cat,
      First, thanks for sharing this, I truly appreciate it.
      I definitely think future improvement is possible, let’s do the work together ;-)
      Really nice to hear from you, thanks again,
      Be well,
      – J


  2. Reblogged this and commented:
    I really love this sentiment. We must work together, hope together, think peaceful thoughts together so that the fears that so many of us hold are overcome by calm, thoughtful action, including cogent, non-recriminatory arguments for sharing, multiculturalism, equality and respect.

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  3. I sit here saddened to the deepest part of my soul. I am labeled a racist, a bigot a homophobe because I voted my conscience. I could not vote for HC anymore than apparently some of you could vote for Trump. I am not any of those things and to label those that voted for Trump such things are not true as well. He has been tried and convicted by the media. Has he done questionable things, yes. So, has Hillary. Only the things she has done are much worse to me. They state he has been divisive for the country, but in reality that started long before he ran for president. Politician’s complete lack of attention to the plight of many in our own country and their unwillingness to listen has more to do with his winning than people being racist, homophobic or bigoted. The media has done a great job of portraying the “deplorables” as just ignorant, racist people and that is far from the truth. There are people of many colors and economic backgrounds that voted for Trump because we are sick of Washington politics and insiders. Stop spreading the hate and start listening to those around you. No matter who is in office, it is we as individuals that make this country what it is. If you don’t like racism, bigotry and homophobia, then fight it as individuals. Each of us has more power together than anyone elected to an office. We have the power to change what we don’t like. But, we need to work together and there are many more people that desire change for the better and peace than do not. We were left with two very poor choices as far as I am concerned. But, I voted with great thought and contemplation and I did what I thought was right. That is what matters to me. And now I will do whatever I can to help do my part to heal this nation and work towards peace.

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    1. Thankyou for this.
      I can tell that you have put a lot of thought and consideration into both your viewpoint and actions. For this, I cannot commend you enough.
      I completely understand and sympathize with your position and, to a great extent agree with it.
      I, also, think that the outcome of this election represents a failure to truly listen to the individuals of which the country is comprised.
      I really applaud your choices, and your intention to help. I think we need as much of this as we can find.
      Thanks again, I hope this finds you well. Please feel free to stay in touch, I would welcome your correspondence.
      – J


  4. I am deeply saddened today. It’s eerily quiet here, both in the grocery store and on social media. Even in a blue state, I feel estranged from the ideas of so many around me. The art community is my solace today. It’s strange to think that I feel more kinship to your thoughts, far away though you are, than to many of my neighbors and even family around me. I appreciate your thoughtful input. I don’t know how to help. But I’m going to begin with trying to better educate myself and my children, to love the people around me, and to try to create beautiful things. It feels helpless. It feels like not enough. Because of course, it isn’t. I’ve been quiet for so long, because I’ve been afraid to add to the noise and the pointless debate. And yet I’m starving to hear from others, the quiet ones who have been listening all along. I do believe that change is possible. It begins with ourselves. Thank you for being awake. Thank you for speaking.

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    1. Thankyou very much for this, I am happy that you have written to me.
      You are not alone, by any measure. There are countless people feeling very similar things to you right now.
      It is a great thing that you want to help. Educating, being compassionate, and creating are three very good ways to improve things.
      Do not be afraid. It will get better. And I am here if you need to talk, anytime.
      Be well, speak soon,
      – J

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  5. James, great post. “If we want things to improve we have to work.” = time for the U.S. to break away from the eternal two-party system. A four-year period – or even shorter? -, to resurrect the Bernie Sanders movement and turn it into a real alternative for the next election.

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