Invocation is a beautiful piece of music created using only: voice, an acoustic cello and a loop pedal.

I’m Working on some Cool New Stuff.

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69 Replies to “Invocation”

  1. Amazing!! what I really needed to start my day. Every note hitting and moving a part of the soul. Then the silence of your voice….calming…rejuvenating…

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    1. This means the absolute world to me, Thankyou.
      Unfortunately there isn’t a physical copy of Everything is Broken at the moment – but I don’t put any DRM (Digital Rights Management) on any of my recordings, so if you download it digitally you are free to burn it to CD as many times as you want.
      Hope that helps, thanks again, have a great night,
      – J


    1. Thankyou very much Sir – I actually posted it publicly by accident, and have been quite overwhelmed with the comments of good folk such as yourself.
      Have a good one, and Thanks again,
      – J


    1. This is really lovely to hear. I was sorting out some stuff with my site and it posted by accident – but people are being really sweet about it – so it is a happy accident ;-)
      Thanks again, and have a great night,
      – J

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  2. You are right! I had my itunes playing in the background the other day and this came on. I stopped in my tracks. I had forgotten how good it was. Bev


    1. Bev! It is so nice to hear from you – I have missed talking with your good self.
      It is funny, I am just sorting out some stuff with my site, and posted this publicly by accident, but people are being super sweet about it, so a happy accident ;-)
      How are you? What’s new? Don’t be a stranger.
      Big hug,
      – J


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