Inspiration Breeds…

It is one of the joys of my life that: people who connect with my music and art sometimes make things inspired by them and send them to me.

These things come in all shapes and sizes.  Paintings, novellas, choreographed dance works, jewellery, poetry, video, trippy audio files… you name it.

I find them all pretty damn cool – how could I not?  But I’ve never posted any of them online.

Until today.

Early this morning, along with my coffee, I fired up Twitter and found this waiting for me:

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(The text reads: “She asked: where is the love? They replied: ‘Love is in the river.'”)

I love it. I think it is a certain kind of perfect.

It was made by a young French-Algerian lady named, Kenza Chikh (@KenzaChikh on Twitter) who included a note with it saying: she had been inspired by my track ‘River’ and had sketched this while listening.  She also apologised for the quality, as she had no power last night and had sketched it by candlelight.

Which made it even more beautiful.

It totally captured my imagination so I wanted to share it with y’all as soon as I could (which is why I am hammering out this blog before heading back into the studio.)

And, just in case you’re new to the party, here is the track that it was inspired by:

‘River’ is a track from my first album ‘I’ which I recorded on a battered laptop in a room during a year of solid work (mostly after midnight).  The album was an experiment and a massive learning curve for me – beautiful and painful in equal degree – because I had set myself the task of doing absolutely everything (writing, playing, engineering, mastering, production etc) on my own.

In terms of audio quality it is not great at all.  But the pieces are honest, the arrangements are beautiful and organic, and I can still listen to it – which makes it a success in my book. (Plus it’s how I: built my chops, found my initial audience, and started making a real living thru art, so how could I not love it). ;-)

Let me know what you think of this post.  If enough people like it then I may start posting more of the fan-art I get sent.

Big love, big hug, have a good one.


(P.S. Oh, The new record is coming along very well ;-) )


87 Replies to “Inspiration Breeds…”

  1. James, I wrote you a poem, “Perchance A Cup”, to accompany the photo of my coffee “percolater” (hee-hee) I took, so you could see it! Also, I went over to Soundcloud and listened to your songs. Invocation is so amazing; I love it. I have a little playlist called “Special Songs” and I would love to be able to put your songs on them. Do you allow others to stream your work? And if so, would you allow me?

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    1. Hey there,
      Thankyou so much for your kind words and the poem. Really glad you like the music – wait until you hear the stuff I am finishing up now! It is pretty special (if I do say so myself ;-)
      Please feel free to add my songs to your playlist, stream away – and thankyou very much for asking, it is appreciated.
      Have a great day you,
      – J


      1. Wow. I’m so happy! Thanks so much. Invocation is so awesome, and River is really great! New fan! They’ll be in my list soon. Need to travel and top off my battery, so maybe in a day or two! Thanks again! Your new stuff is gonna be awesome! :)


          1. Yes; I’d already joined it. Your songs join the two lovely selections (“Hallelujah”, and the BEST version of “Merry Little Christmas” I have ever heard, anywhere!) I’ve chosen from Tosha Michelle’s collection at my “Special Songs” playlist. I’ll be eagerly anticipating your latest sets! Can’t wait for their release! :) I’ll ask in advance: Will you let us do reblogs, if/when you post about it? Thanks, again!

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            1. That’s great ;-)
              Thankyou very much, I am obviously in very good company.
              Absolutely reblog anything and everything you want, sharing my stuff really helps me out.
              Hope your Friday is a good one,
              Be well,
              – J


      1. That’s beautifully appreciated! Ii’s wonderful to find a connectedness that makes you sing. As it wends its way through the nodes to reach all, it will bring joy to the many more it continues to encounter.

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  2. It’s a wonderful moment when inspiration takes on this kind of meaning. You inspired her and now she in return inspires many others, myself included. Thank you for sharing your space.

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  3. The thing that I like about this song is the emotion that comes across in it. I listen to a lot of the latest hits and don’t hear this kind of emotion and originality.

    I like the art you shared. I can see how she was inspired by your song. Her art conveys what I hear in your song.

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  4. Interesting. You can definitely multi-task. The music is electric and I’ll definitely take time to read more of your blogs. You are a true artist!

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  5. How absolutely gorgeous – both the song & the artwork. I find that even when the sound or photograph quality fades, the passion & magic in art sings through always. We create not for the medium, but for the sharing of souls. Thank you, my friend, for sharing these lovely things with us. <3

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  6. James, I’m so glad you found my blog … Because it’s how I found yours. I’m guessing many folks begin here having connected through your music, but for me it’s the other way around. This was my very first listen, and I’m moved. Sincerely. I love your organic, built-from-scratch aesthetic and the heart behind it. And I greatly look forward to hearing more.

    Grateful. :)

    Play on.

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    1. Thankyou very much. This really means a lot to me, I very much love hearing how my music goes across, especially on the first listen.
      Your words brought a little more joy to my day,
      Grateful in return,
      Write on ;-)


      1. James, lovely blog and that post was especially nice! My other half is a composer so reading your stream of insights is….well…personally insightful! You are very welcome sir!


  7. What a great post, great piece of art and fantastic comments. I’ve never been compelled to ‘like’ as many comments under one post until this one. You’ve a great community here J! 😁

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  8. I loved mlhe’s comment. A truly inspirational piece, James!

    Never be lonely / Never be fearful / Love is everywhere.
    Love is in the river.
    ~ In these chaotic and insecure times we live in, these words bring hope and strength in our ability to overcome all the dark forces that work to oppress us. Thank you.

    I’m now joining that chain of inspiration. My novel in progress is set in a native indigenous village in a South American rainforest region where the main means of transport is by river. I have found ways of incorporating the river in my work, but, until now, I had not considered the river as a conduit for love: the love of Mother Earth for all those who dwell within her womb.

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      1. #Beautiful is not enough, is #Cute #Sweet & #Tender, you know that I know that your music can inspire so many good and beautiful things, and that’s why we are your tribe, because you give us the most important thing in this world, in this moment: good feelings, inspiration and above all, tons of love. Be safe. Muak. ☺️

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        1. I love this comment and I completely agree. It is still amazing to me (I think it will always be amazing) that people do these kinds of things when they hear my music.
          Your comment is so beautiful, thankyou for it, and thankyou for the sentiment of it.
          I can’t wait for you to hear my new music, it is going to blow you away ;-)
          Be safe you,
          – J x

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          1. Couldn’t help myself… and here I’m commenting too after the comment which got a ‘love’ response. I also love. Love comments here. Only roses and sweet life reflection. Almost a new religion. Art is a new religion? ~H

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  9. Am I witnessing the Internet becoming something REAL? I think so…more than pixels, more than people the pixels, a way to show in real time how inspiration happens. Prior to electronic connectivity these two creative people would not have ‘crossed paths,’ their art would have existed in different ways than they showed up here…and a woman would have not have cried tears painted of and by fish from a river made of music.
    This is the new magic.
    Thank you to the new platforms for creativity that exist now and yet to exist.
    Keep finding, making…plugging in.

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