This post covers a lot of ground.

There is something brand new.  There is a peek behind the curtain at how I decide what to share with the world and what to keep in the vault.  And there is news about the upcoming record.

But by far the most important thing is,

For the first time ever


I posted some of my poetry online.

[If you’d like to see it, here it is:]

I’ve written poetry ever since I can remember (I did my first public spoken-word reading of an original work when I was 7) but I’ve never posted or published any.

For me to put something out into the world it has to be of potential worth to others, there has to be a suitable platform, and I have to feel that it’s right.  (I make a lot of stuff that goes straight into the vault.)

I’d been playing around more and more with Instagram.  And as I explored what I’d assumed was a visual platform I began to notice more and more poetry; so (on impulse) one night I opened the Word file where I keep my rough drafts, polished one up, and posted it.

The response was encouraging, so I posted some more.

It occurred to me that if you like this blog enough to read it you may also like my poetry.  If you think this could be the case then by all means take a look.

This is still the testing phase so it would be really valuable to me to get your honest thoughts, responses, and opinions.  Use the comment box just below or the Instagram threads themselves to make your voice heard and please do let me know what you think.  If the response is good then there’s a good chance that I’ll be posting more; if not, then in the vault they shall stay.

Thanks for reading this, I hope it finds you well,


PS – (I have no plans to cross post any poems so, for now at least, Instagram will be the only place you can find them.  If you want them to have them show up in your Instagram feed then follow me and turn on notifications.)


If you are ferociously awaiting my upcoming record, then know that it will be with you…soon.

I haven’t set a deadline for release because it is more important to me that it is right, than on time.

But it wont be long now.

As always, the very first people to get a chance to hear it will be the folks on my mailing list.  If you’re not already signed up you can do that here for free  (and if you sign up today you’ll also get 3 pieces of music to tide you over until release.)

49 thoughts on “ Music // Words // Images ”

  1. I read the poems on the 1st page this evening. Simple and soft, which to me means not hard edges. The rhythm and feel of the words and lines was pleasing to me. Movement felt into and out of my space, or time or place, not really sure how to describe.the ”now” of it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is the perfect description for me.
      I know exactly what you mean.
      And: Thankyou.
      Have a great day, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to respond – I really appreciate it.
      – J


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