Roadtrip // News // Things

I have been traveling around the U.K. and now I am returned.  I have seen many people, and I have done many, many things.

The best of these are to be found within this post.  There is also: news about my upcoming EP, hints about my next slew of live gigs, and a selfie I took with an actual Dalek.

All of these things are true.

You ready?…


For the last 10 days or so I have lived in a constant state of movement.  Traversing the length and breadth of the U.K. by car before late late last night arriving home.  Today the coffee is strong and black; the studio warm and welcoming, offering up a silence that waits eagerly to be filled.  I feel renewed and invigorated in my skin.  I feel ready for this next, hardest stage of my current project.

I love staying in one place and bearing down on a single task.  Letting all other cares and concerns fade and spending my days digging ever deeper in whatever rabbit hole I have pledged myself to, the worth of the day measured in the amount of earth moved, the number of jewels found.

I also love movement.  To live inside the whirlwind of chaos that endures, changeless and  constantly changing.  Experiencing the bliss of the endless and ever new.  Different places, different people, different events.  Different sights, sounds and smells, all temporary, all fleeting all perfect.

There were long beautiful nights with friends and family; there was wine, laughter, and open fires.  There was rain, there was sunlight.

There were places of great natural beauty:

The Lake District
The Lake District

There was the ocean:

The South Coast – near the place I was born.

There were some of the worlds oldest working computers:

Taken in Bletchley Park – where Alan Turing cracked the Enigma Code

and there were new friends:

Also taken in Bletchley Park

The movement reminded me of how much I love traveling and playing music live.  So I began talking to venues in the cities I visited – I’ll be able to say more about this very soon.

The time away from the studio made me realise how much I want to complete these pieces of music and give them to the world.  So tomorrow is the very first day of the last block of recording sessions for the upcoming EP – Wish me luck.

One of the most beautiful gifts of any kind of distance is: greater perspective.  Even the brief time I spent away from the regular-norm allowed me a wider view of what I am doing, and how the communities of people that follow and support me key into that.  With this in mind I made the decision to make my mailing list a primary focus and began working to upgrade it while I was moving.

As of today The List has a brand new home at:

The List is my inner circle.  It is where I break news first; where I give away the free things.  It is where you can access my best offers, and where you’ll find the most direct connection with me (if you are on the list you can email me – I read and reply to all of them).  The List is only going to get better.  There is absolutely zero spam, I never share email addresses with anyone else, and I only mail when I have something cool to give or important to say.

Before I release my next EP I’ll be giving away stuff exclusively to my list.  To make sure you don’t miss out, sign up soon.

Thanks for reading this.  Be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

I wish you well.


131 Replies to “Roadtrip // News // Things”

    1. You have packed a lot of very beautiful and complimentary sentiments into this comment – and I thankyou for all of them ;-)
      Thanks for taking the time, hope your day is going beautifully,
      – J


  1. wow, that was epic
    I’ve been to 7 countries myself and yet these sights seem truly a feast for the eyes
    I’m on board with your adventures sir
    and also thanks a lot for liking my post
    cheers mate

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  2. Wow! You are living the life, aren’t you? The pictures are beautiful and I am so glad you are traveling and enjoying your life while you are still young. I am too old to do much of anything anymore but I must say that reading your blog is refreshing, energizing and it stimulates my imagination so that I too can wander with the wind and explore and see and enjoy and experience. Thank you for being there. Best wishes always.

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  3. Thanks for sharing. I love that you travel and take the time to live life! I need to do that more. Money is tight now so it has to be local. But what you said is so true…I need to get some distance from my norm and get a new perspective. Good luck with your EP.
    Traci xo

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      1. Reading your post really inspired me; if you get a chance read my recent post Broken but okay. Your post was the catalyst for getting out and getting some perspective. Thanks a lot! XO

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          1. Thanks Mr. Radcliffe ;-) I’m enjoying some Guns and Roses videos from the reunion tour. Axl looks and sounds great. I would love to see them, but it’s too much money. Each show is over 3 hours. Now that’s a place to really rock out and let out all my shit!!!!!!!!!!! It’s so cool that put their differences aside and got back together; it’s been 23 years! The tour is called Not in This Lifetime because in 2007 Axl was asked if her would ever tour with the band again, and he answered Not in this lifetime! The first show was a surprise in LA on April fool’s day. Anyway, I’m jacked up on coffee and rock music so I can’t shut up! Have a good night!

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            1. Ha! The GnR!
              Glad you are having a good time, 3 hours is a good length for a show, Zeppelin used to do the same thing and, when I play, I have gone for as long as 4.
              Coffee and Rock Music – breakfast of champions! ;-)
              Nice to hear from you, have a cool day,
              – J

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              1. Wow..4 hours that’s great! Yea, I only need 1 of those for breakfast; if you give me both I’m bound to create my own rock concert in my house; the louder the better! I’ve been off the grid lately, not feeling well. How is your music coming along?

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                1. Hey there,
                  Sorry! I’ve only just seen this. Really nice to hear from you Ms Halpini ;-p
                  If you have your own rock concert, you have to periscope it for the world.
                  It’s the Law ;-)
                  Hope your day is going well, big love, big hug,
                  – J xxx

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                  1. HaHa!!! Periscope it for the world. Well, I did “periscope” it to the people across from my balcony in the courtyard. I had my sliding glass door open and it was loud and yes I was dancing; I swear I think I heard someone say, “Shake it!” lol Hope you’re well!
                    Traci :) xo

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                    1. Thank you so much for making me laugh, really laugh. Life is really sucky right now. I will be sure to send you a private invitation to my next show. All I need is warm weather, some rock, energy, and being alone. I will keep you updated…lol ;-)

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                    2. Hi there..there was a mini show yesterday. Not that exciting, since I was cleaning more and dancing less. I had Lana on blast. Is it weird that I love when she curses, or any other performer for that matter? Sometimes a song just needs a fuck in it. “Now my life is sweet like cinnamon, like a fucking dream I’m livin’ in” Lana One of my favorite lines. I just think cursing has a place in music and in speaking. I had a root canal today, so there won’t be any dancing :( An hour and a half; of course I had goo goo dolls on my ipod the whole time. But damn those needles hurt!

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                    3. Hey there,
                      Absolutely agree, sometimes things just need a ‘fuck’.
                      Sorry to hear about your root canal – I guess it’s cool that it’s over tho.
                      I have a friend who is writing a biography of the Goo Goo Dolls – you guys would get along ;-)
                      Hope your day is going well Ms Halpin, it is always nice to hear from you,
                      – J

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                    4. That’s so cool! I’m an expert on all things Johnny. If your friend needs any info I’d be happy to help 😊
                      I know the things people don’t know. Like the whole story behind name and who it’s about, or a ring he used to wear and who gave it to him and what it says inside. I’m thinking his wife made him get rid of it. He’s been sober for over a year and quit smoking and is having a baby. I could go on and on…… but nobody really cares. They traveled in a van for 10 years eating peanut butter and sleeping on mattresses on top of equipment. They never gave up. They would sneak into colleges to shower. Ok I’ll stop. They are cool guys and quite funny. I saw a recent interview and the guy said John was honest, and john said I’m your average man liar! I loved that! He’s real and sorry to say men seen to lie more than women. I’m still going…..
                      Ok done….have a good day😊

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                    5. Hahaha! I love this. You are obviously a True Fan which, to a musician like me, is a beautiful thing (they are lucky to have you).
                      Hope your day is going well, and your tooth is healing nicely.
                      – J

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                    6. Thanks…yea it feels better today. I’ve been popping advil like candy. I’m hoping to get backstage again in August. This time I plan to actually have a conversation instead of being weird. I did tell him how much I loved his music and lyrics, but after a hug and a picture he was gone 😄
                      His manager lives in my town!!
                      Friend’s mom is best friends with manager’s mom…connections😊😊

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                    7. HaHaHa!! Yea, I get a little obsessed. how are you doing? On the new Goo Goo Dolls album, there is a song that was only released in Japan. It’s called “Walk Away.” The other night someone from Japan put it on you tube and it is amazing!!! You should take a listen between your music making, running, and coffee drinking ;-) Does your friend know about this song??? I bet

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  4. Nice post! You captured what you were trying to capture in words. I like both of those things as well: the movement, encountering, and learning from traveling as well as the focus from being in one place, delving into something valuable. You said it all well. Wishing you well.


      1. Hi James. I know–from one of your posts–that you’re big on creating “community” with your blog. I sense that is a theme with you, personally and professionally. Reaching otu to people is about as good as life gets, in my humble opinion. I hope that you’ll take a look at my way latest article. It deals with the human condition. Art

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hey there,
          I am indeed, and it is indeed. I couldn’t agree more. ;-)
          I am pretty rammed at the moment, but will try and take a look if I get time.
          Have a good day, keep up the fine work,
          – J


  5. Welcome back! Traveling sure suits you and your writing – when I read something you’ve written, I immediately want to write as well, this makes you very inspiring! I love being on the road and have very fond memories of heading down to San Francisco literally on the very edge of the West Coast with forest on one side of the highway and the cobalt blue of the Pacific Ocean on the other. I’m glad you were able to get away, your pictures are stunning and take one on the journey with you. As always, thank you for sharing and keeping in touch, Kim.

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    1. Why, thankyou very much – this is a pretty great compliment ;-)
      I love being on the road too, your trip in memory sounds absolutely heavenly.
      As always to you, thankyou for reading, and for staying in touch,
      Big hug,
      – J

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  6. You write beautifully :) I agree with you on your take on ‘movement,’ it’s exciting to be in the midst of change and taking on and trying new things. Good luck with your future projects.

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  7. I have found that sometimes, the time taken away from creating only fuels the creations & adds that much more beauty to them. I can see that this is the case here; I am so very eager to hear the EP, and for more news about the shows (though I cannot attend, I will be cheering you on from Singapore!). All the best with the studio work. There is an email coming your way soon. <3

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    1. I have found exactly the same thing. I can’t wait for you to hear it, truly I think you will absolutely get it.
      There are talks about me doing shows and streaming them on the internet, so maybe, even in Singapore I will be able to play for you.
      I will look forward to the email, thankyou so much for your beautiful comment.
      Have a great day,
      – J

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