I have been traveling around the U.K. and now I am returned.  I have seen many people, and I have done many, many things.

The best of these are to be found within this post.  There is also: news about my upcoming EP, hints about my next slew of live gigs, and a selfie I took with an actual Dalek.

All of these things are true.

You ready?…


For the last 10 days or so I have lived in a constant state of movement.  Traversing the length and breadth of the U.K. by car before late late last night arriving home.  Today the coffee is strong and black; the studio warm and welcoming, offering up a silence that waits eagerly to be filled.  I feel renewed and invigorated in my skin.  I feel ready for this next, hardest stage of my current project.

I love staying in one place and bearing down on a single task.  Letting all other cares and concerns fade and spending my days digging ever deeper in whatever rabbit hole I have pledged myself to, the worth of the day measured in the amount of earth moved, the number of jewels found.

I also love movement.  To live inside the whirlwind of chaos that endures, changeless and  constantly changing.  Experiencing the bliss of the endless and ever new.  Different places, different people, different events.  Different sights, sounds and smells, all temporary, all fleeting all perfect.

There were long beautiful nights with friends and family; there was wine, laughter, and open fires.  There was rain, there was sunlight.

There were places of great natural beauty:

The Lake District
The Lake District

There was the ocean:

The South Coast – near the place I was born.

There were some of the worlds oldest working computers:

Taken in Bletchley Park – where Alan Turing cracked the Enigma Code

and there were new friends:

Also taken in Bletchley Park

The movement reminded me of how much I love traveling and playing music live.  So I began talking to venues in the cities I visited – I’ll be able to say more about this very soon.

The time away from the studio made me realise how much I want to complete these pieces of music and give them to the world.  So tomorrow is the very first day of the last block of recording sessions for the upcoming EP – Wish me luck.

One of the most beautiful gifts of any kind of distance is: greater perspective.  Even the brief time I spent away from the regular-norm allowed me a wider view of what I am doing, and how the communities of people that follow and support me key into that.  With this in mind I made the decision to make my mailing list a primary focus and began working to upgrade it while I was moving.

As of today The List has a brand new home at: jamesradcliffe.email

The List is my inner circle.  It is where I break news first; where I give away the free things.  It is where you can access my best offers, and where you’ll find the most direct connection with me (if you are on the list you can email me – I read and reply to all of them).  The List is only going to get better.  There is absolutely zero spam, I never share email addresses with anyone else, and I only mail when I have something cool to give or important to say.

Before I release my next EP I’ll be giving away stuff exclusively to my list.  To make sure you don’t miss out, sign up soon.

Thanks for reading this.  Be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

I wish you well.


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