I am smack-bang in the middle of the hardest part of my current project.

No longer the fresh excitement and boundless possibilities of the new, nor yet the fragrant and tantalising promise of completion, just the work; the seemingly endless and repetitive no-mans-land of the daily grind.

But still everyday I get up, brew my coffee, and get after it.

This post is about why.


Sometimes, the work feels like a war.

There are times when my body is tired, or broken, or both.  Times when my spirit is thoroughly unwilling.  Times when the well feels empty, when I have nothing to say; when my fingers are stiff and cold, my voice is silent, and the whole world seems haar-bleached, fog-bound, and grey.

But I am a veteran at this game.  I know her rules and I know her secrets.  I have witnessed long the tricks and wiles of my opposition.  I have been making music, writing things, and performing them live ever since I was 7 years old.  In terms of this I am an old lion; and I know well my jungle in darkness.

I have learned over time that how I am feeling in the moment bears no relation to the quality of what may be produced in any given session.  Thoughts, emotions, and the body are generally poor indicators of the day’s potential.  The things I make when I feel bad and the things I make when I feel good are indistinguishable in terms of quality when I look back on them in the cold light of morning.

When understood properly this one fact removes nearly all excuses.

In any pursuit of worth resistance is a constant.  This is not a bad thing.  It is the resistance that the electricity encounters whilst travelling along the wire inside the bulb that creates the light which illuminates our world.  The surfer is nothing without the wave, the pilot nothing without the onrush of air; and the greatest fighter in the world is but a dancer if deprived of an Opponent.

Creating things of worth and sharing them with others in order to elevate the world is one of the ways that I have chosen to justify my small part of the life that we all share in this fragile, chaotic, and beautiful dance of existence.

It is a good war.

It is my war

What’s yours? ;-)

My name is James Radcliffe and I am a 100% audience supported independent artist.

I put almost every waking hour of my life into what I do.  If you find any worth or value in this post, my writing, or my music please consider supporting my mission by purchasing some of my music or spoken word recordings.  You’ll get some beautiful art, you can choose the amount you’d like to pay, and 10% of each purchase goes straight to a worthy charity.  Every single sale makes a difference in my world and allows me to carry on making things like this.

You can also support me by Spreading the Word.

Reblogging, retweeting, and posting links to what I do on your: Blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc really helps me out.  Since I started making art publicly my audience has grown, not because of any mainstream press coverage, but mostly due to grassroots word-of-mouth recommendations from awesome folk like you.

You guys are the reason I do what I do.  You are my people and we are in this together.  Any victory on my part is a shared victory in my opinion, so let’s shake the very foundations and make something world-sized and worth celebrating, together.

I truly hope you are well.  Best wishes, and great big man-sized love.


P.S. I am a big fan of the comments section and the conversations that spring up there.  If you have any thoughts, questions, or just want to chat – hit me up using the box just below and let’s get to it.

187 thoughts on “ This Is My War ”

  1. Fantastic piece, James. I so relate to this and really appreciate your sharing your process and more importantly, the pathways you take to reach the final creative destination. Well done.

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  2. Wow! I really can relate to this post. It is a war! My war at the moment is to complete my PhD. As you say, if it’s worth doing, resistance will be there at times when you don’t feel to carry on. However, resilience, grit and determination get me through. Thanks you for sharing it.

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  3. This is a nice written piece. It shows well how we all fell in the dip of a big project that we take on, be it in the job, at home, as a volunteer. After a few, you indeed start to recognize this phase: The fatigue, resistance, loss of energy,…. Recognizing helps to deal with it in a better way.
    My current war is with taking up running again. I have a firm goal ahead of me, but the first dip is there. Getting out 3 time s a week is what I am supposed to do, it is not always easy.

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    1. First, thankyou very much – your words are very kind.
      I run quite a bit. If you want any advice, I have found that if you go out as many times as you can in a week, but make it your goal to just go for a certain amount of time, as slooooowly as you can, your body becomes conditioned to the movement, and starts to enjoy it.
      Everything is easier if you enjoy it – it’s a different kind of war ;-)
      Hope that helps, if not, totally discard it – I shall not be offended ;-)
      Have a good one,
      – J

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  4. “The things I make when I feel bad and the things I make when I feel good are indistinguishable in terms of quality when I look back on them in the cold light of day.” That made this whole post for me. It’s a truth that we often fail to notice, because we can feel so terrible sometimes it doesn’t seem that anything good can come out of our struggle. Thanks for sharing; this message is important for anyone in a creative field.

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  5. Your writing is inspiring in a way that makes anything one dreams or imagines feel possible. Your statement that “In any pursuit of worth resistance is a constant”, rings so true to me that the thought of not following through on what I feel passionate about seems foolish. Thank you for sharing.

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  6. Thank you for sharing war; moreover, I liked the comparison of pilot without the rush of air, etc. You built this momentum and then shared your vision or purpose in this war. Bueno.

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    1. You are most welcome, really glad you like the post. ;-)
      For clarification: the thing I share is not the war, but what I have been fighting for.
      Have a good one, and thanks for stopping by,
      – J


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