At it’s best the act of conversation can be many things; connection, communion, truth-finding, enlightenment, inspiration, a healing…  I do not overstate when I say that I have participated in conversations that have bordered on spiritual awakenings.  But this shouldn’t really come as a surprise, I mean,

If you hit the right atoms against each other in just the right way, the world will roar a sun.

And whilst it is impossible to guarantee a good conversation, it is possible to prepare the ground; adjusting things so that the odds tilt in our favour.  It has been my experience that conversations are deep and good to the degree that the participants are willing to be truthful and present.  Fear, shame, thoughts of self image, none of these are helpful; all block the pipe.

The thing that I love about a great conversation is the same thing that I love about being part of a great gig, about making love, or participating in the creative process.  All these things are capable of rendering up jewels of light.  This is the truly good stuff; this is what makes life worth living; this is what balances the chaotic fury of flying blind thru the ever-storm of a darkening experience.

To go deeper; to plumb the depths and recesses of ourselves and the world and to be a conduit for others to do the same is a precious, maybe even sacred thing.

And I hold the few with whom I can share it very close to my heart.

Big love to you all, speak soon,


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176 thoughts on “ Quick Thought: On the Value of Conversation… ”

  1. The haunting image and your prescient words caught my eye…I’m still wandering as many beautiful places as I can, capturing elusive words and hungering for conversation. How about you and yours, James? I hope this note finds you well…

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  2. I totally agree with this sentiment. Good honest unobstructed conversation can renew one’s faith in humanity or even still become an inspiration on many levels. Honesty is key and second only to being present and in the moment. It’s truly sad that so many people only prefer to postulate rather than to honestly engage! How precious are the few who truly understand this.

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