Back In The Studio (with Something New)….

My days are upside down.

I see little to no daylight and have become almost fully nocturnal.  I don’t really leave the studio except to run and sweat for a single hour each day.  Each night I set up and record straight thru the dark, going as hard as I can until the song of sleep becomes too insistent for my body to ignore.  My social life has dwindled into the realm of virtual non-existence.

And I don’t mind.

At all.

Why?  Because I am currently working on what I think is the most: beautiful, the deepest, the most truthful

Actually, wait; I’m getting a little ahead of myself here.  I should probably back up.

This story began a few months ago…

Uke Floor
Tool #3

It began with some sketches.

With me letting the moment do it’s own thing.  It began with minor exploratory digs, little excursions to ascertain if there were any veins worth opening in the bedrock.  For this one I resolutely started with no end goal in mind.  No cookie-cutter vision to jam something into.  No safety net.  I simply readied myself, did the work, and accepted whatever came.

After a month there were 12 pieces of potential merit.  I did a rough mix and master of each of them, and then put them aside to focus on other things for a little while.  To let them breathe.  I read.  I wrote an article about Seneca.  I did a lot of live practice and started talking to some venues about future live events.

After enough time had passed, I took the pieces down, shook them free of the dust they had gathered and, one Tuesday just after midnight, settled into my studio chair to listen with an open heart and mind.  Out of the 12 there were 5 or 6 pieces that instantly stood out, which, as I listened again and again, resolved themselves into 4 nuggets of solid gold.

One of the most beautiful things about being an independent is (providing you manage your resources well) you can work on things until they are right, unconstrained by an arbitrary time limitation.  I mean, sure, deadlines can be useful things but the real joy comes from taking a track to that place where it sings, and sometimes that needs more time.  Time enough to find that place where the piece is somehow whole and complete unto itself.  The best feeling.  Pure golden light.

All this is a long-ass way of saying: There is new music.

And these pieces are good.  Like, really good.

Like: shake the world good.

I’ll keep you updated.  (A good way to ensure this would be to sign up for the thing that I’m going to talk about in the next section).

Big Love to you all, and Thankyou for reading this,

Speak soon,


Something New…

I am radically evolving my mailing list.  As of right now there are: 2 Major Changes.

Change #1: I am starting a monthly Newsletter.

Each month I’m going to send out a short missive containing the absolute best stuff I have found (whether that be in the form of: books, films, music, podcasts, or whatever) plus a little about what I have been doing and any insider info on super-interesting upcoming stuff.  You will also be able to email me direct to chat about it.

Change #2 When you sign up you get Free Music.

When you sign up for the newsletter you get 3 Free Tracks of my music!  (They come in the ‘Welcome’ email, after you’ve confirmed your subscription.)

Each person that signs up renders me deeply happy in my feels so, if you have any interest, or harbor any inclination to try it out, do it.15.02.15 buttonrevc

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  1. Hey James,

    I totally understand you. Being a night owl myself when it comes to writing music and not giving up or hurrying things until it sounds just right… Keep up the good work 😉


  2. I always enjoy hearing about the creative process. Glad you were able to find some new music streaming out. I know this was a while ago so I hope it turned out as great as the vibe in this post.

  3. Thank you for liking one of my poems. Reading this was inspiring and it echoed something my poetry teacher recently taught my class: that you should write something and then step away from it for a while and then go back and read it with fresh eyes and revise. I haven’t put that into practice yet, but this post was extra motivation for me to do so.

    1. You are most welcome – keep up the good work.
      I really think that iteration (finishing a draft then coming back to it multiple times) is one of the real keys to making things that are true and beautiful. I recommend it. 😉
      Thanks for stopping by, and for taking the time to write – I appreciate it.
      Speak soon,
      – J

  4. The long-ass way of telling about your new music is inspiring 🙂 …and you are absolutely right…sometimes it takes time to complete a piece..till then it just doesn’t feel right..

  5. It sounds so peaceful to read…. having a purpose can change things so much. I think purpose leads to creation, which transcends into satisfaction, 🙂

    1. That is beautiful to hear, thankyou. 😉
      I do find that there is a core of peaceful at the heart of my work – I certainly feel more balanced when I am doing it than at any other time. Thanks so much for stopping by, and for writing to me – I really appreciate it.
      Have a good one,
      – J

  6. 1. Love hearing about your process. It’s fantastic to be so deep in it and still be self aware.
    2. Love your self authorization and genuine love for your own work.
    3. Your writing sounds like hearing you speak. When I get some time I will read a ton of posts. I’m new to the blogging community. Now that I have some posts going up fairly regularly, it’s time to explore and really connect with brilliant people like you!

    1. I love this message. How beautiful. You made me smile, new blogger. 😉
      Thankyou for stopping by, and for taking the time to write to me – I really appreciate it.
      It is nice to meet you, feel free to stay in touch,
      Big love,
      – J

  7. That is some fierce dedication! I know what you mean about the passion driving you and keeping you going. Please take care of yourself too. I’m excited for you and your new music. It must feel great to hear your nuggets that you love. Your process of writing is similar to mine, especially when I was in college. I would get my notebook (a real one), and just write and write. Then I would put it aside for a few days, and then I would go back to it and edit it with a red pen. Last, I would type up my paper. Some people just type their work for school; I have to do my process to do my best work. I wish I still had my papers. I had this one class called critical thinking and analysis of poetry. It was so challenging for me. I would hear the other students discuss the meaning of the poems, and I would stare at the text and think where do they see this? My professor knew I was struggling, but he kept at me in a good way. In the end I finally was able to read between the lines, and I got a B+, which I was proud of. But the best part came when he decided to share a paper with the class, and as he read it I realized it was mine! This was during the Gulf War (first one), and I used the term yellow ribbon epidemic, which he loved. I can still see him reading and praising the words. I’m sure there were other papers that were good or even better, but I believe he chose mine to show me I had succeeded. He was a great teacher. So I get this whole process thing; take a break and spent some time with your lovely girlfriend!
    Traci xo

    1. Hey there,
      First, it’s really nice to hear from you. Thanks for your encouragement and your concern 😉 It is all going very well so far – I am also really excited for the new music, there is nothing quite like actually finishing something and putting it out in the world for people.
      It’s a beautiful thing.
      It seems that our processes are very similar! I really think that the time away from a project is an invaluable part of the whole. Distance is key.
      Well done on bringing yourself up to B+, that is a great achievement indeed. Teachers can be so important can’t they? I had some really special ones as I was growing up, and I will remain forever indebted to them also.
      I think I’ll get to take a little break when I finish this, but I’m not sure 😉 When I have ‘time off’ I just want to make music, read, and spend time with the people I love – not too much different from my regular life really.
      But thankyou, anyway, your concern is very touching.
      Big love, big hug,
      – J x

      1. You’re welcome😊
        Thanks, yes I couldn’t believe I got that B+ bc it was so hard for me. So you and Justin bieber will have new music soon….haha 😁
        And I await the goo goo dolls new album. On the last clip he said see you in a couple of months…..all the fans are speculating. New album and tour coming in a couple of months??
        I hope it has somewhat of a different sound. I really think I will jump into the Atlantic at the next jones beach show if all I hear is iris and slide and black balloon….we are constantly asking them to play old stuff like long way down and become and all eyes on me and acoustic 3 and I’m still here…but they say they have to play the hits and try and throw in some new and old but it’s hard with the time frame. Last tour they opened with lazy eye and everyone was psyched and after a week they removed it…people were not happy. Robby says if we don’t sing iris we will get eggs thrown at the bus. It sounds to me like they are trapped. Just fckn play a new type of set with a couple of hits, and watch what happens. You can’t please everyone. u2 didn’t play one at a show and people were upset, but they played out of control! I think the artist should change it up each tour. As a fan I don’t want to hear the same damn 15 songs every time. Here I go digressing again. What’s your opinion as an artist? You’re either sleeping or drinking copious amounts of coffee right now. Lol

        1. 😉
          Hey you,
          What? Bieber? What? ;-p
          My live stuff is a little different to most people / bands. I generally don’t have a setlist – I just play whatever pieces I feel in that moment. For me, it has to be real and true in that place and time, and I don’t feel that way if I have a set order to things. I think some bands need to tho, because, if you’re U2 you probably have a whole light show and things that need to be scheduled, but as I said, I am a little different in that way.
          I have had the coffee. I am now on the green tea.
          Big love, big hug, and well done again,
          – J x

          1. Hey, I knew the Bieber thing would make you laugh. hee hee…
            That’s cool that you get to play what you want. The audience can pick up that feeling, just like I can pick up a singer who is tired of singing the same song, which takes away from enjoying the show.
            Not a big fan of green tea; I tried it a few ways, but I haven’t found one I like. Did you see my new tattoo??
            Thanks for the compliment, now get back to work. The world is awaiting to hear your music; does that make sense? Not sure, don’t care;-)
            Off to the gym…
            Traci xo

            1. Yes. You are very funny.
              Totally agree with you about the live thing. Having a set program can be cool, but it can also be a kind of crutch and, if you rely on it too heavily you end up not telling the truth with music – which smells bad.
              You have to prepare it right 😉
              I didn’t see your new tattoo! Send me a link?
              I love that you have said this, you are very kind, and it is very encouraging,
              Well done you (gym) I am off to work,
              Big hug,
              – J x

              1. Yes I think that some musicians feel locked in to a set list, for the fans and like you said it becomes a crutch too. And then it’s not authentic. I might as well go home and listen to the album. I also don’t like it when the singer doesn’t interact with the audience. I’ve seen a show where the band did 17 songs in an hour and a half, never said a word and I was not happy. Then there’s Bono who makes an arena feel intimate and brings me to tears. I know it’s a job and sometimes people don’t feel like working. Not you I bet, bc you’re working now!
                My third tattoo is the recent post on my blog I never thought I would have 3 in less than 3 years. All my life I wanted one. I used to drive past tattoo parlors and look at them and then say no. I was afraid of the pain. But in 2012 I got my first one and I love it and the pain wasn’t that bad. Then I wanted more. Tattoos make me feel free and I like expressing myself.
                You’re probably in the studio now and I’m getting ready for bed. Have to be up early with my teenager 😜
                Yes I try to work out 4 to 5 days a week. It feels good, and I’m not embarrassed to say I sing while I walk. My ipod is blasting in my ears and I’m having my own private show. One time I was singing and my eyes were closed and when I opened them there was a guy on the treadmill next to me. I said I got caught and we laughed. And trust me I CAN’T sing, but I don’t care. I do it in the car with the windows down of course.
                Ok nice chatting.
                Thanks for the hugs😊

                1. Oh well I tried to send you the link. I don’t know why it didn’t work. Well if you go to the site you’ll see the blog and the tattoo. My computer has been acting up, and I probably didn’t do it right. I never really knew how to do that. It works through emails and texts so I thought it would work in my reply. I just asked my savvy teenager how to do it and she said, “I don’t know.” She seems to know everything else about computers; I think she’s tired;-)
                  Off to sleep….zzzzzzzzzzzz

                2. I totally agree 😉
                  I generally talk quite a bit at my shows – but it varies, depends on the room you know? And the people, and how I’m feeling etc…
                  Totally not like working. Yes I am working now. It is badass. I Love it. 😉
                  I will check out you tattoo right now!
                  I love that you sing whilst you workout. That is Ultra Badass. Keep going.
                  Nice chatting to you too.
                  – J xx

                  1. I like that.. Ultra Badass. Yea I miss those days; they’re the ones you tell your daughter about in 20 years or never! Dancing on the bars in Manhattan, yes I miss that. One of the famous bars called Hogs and Heifers closed and its now a store. But here’s the funny part. That bar was known for thousands of hanging bras; yes bras!! Well when I heard it closed, I said, “Can I get my bra back?” I’m laughing hysterically as I write this. Please note: I did not remove it; the girl bartender did so while I was dancing! It was funny but cool to be a part of the history. They must have thrown them all away. It was a dive and I only went once. They had a fire show on the bar, and a water show, with the barely dressed bartenders. I think they got good tips!
                    Wow I’m really digressing here and giving away my secrets….
                    This is my mind, all over the place.
                    I have to force to myself to go to bed now, or I will never make it to the gym.
                    Night, don’t work too hard:)

                    1. Yes I am a rock star in my own little world! It was actually a famous place; there were paparazzzi outside often. One time they shined the camera light on me for a second; I guess they thought I was somebody, but for that second I was blinded. If I was famous I would have to stay home or I would have a migraine every day! But not to worry; I am only famous in my mind. I was in the driveway today blasting lana del rey (freak) as I parked my car, and I just got out and danced much to my daughter’s embarrassment. She went I can’t not dance when I hear music…it’s a love of mine and always has been. In my 20s my friends and I would dance for hours straight, stopping for drinks now and then. My best friend and I would usually be the ones to start; the dance floor would be empty and we would just walk on and start dancing and everyone followed. Heck, I have danced alone on the dance floor bc my friend doesn’t dance, wasn’t stopping me! I kinda feel like I’m putting on a show…and I like it. I get so in the zone that I don’t care I’m alone. Once I was in Italy and they had paid dancers at this club in Rome, and I was dancing with this Italian guy and he said I was better than them. So yes, I write, dance, and sing even though I can’t. And now we are adding guitar to the list; damn I had a hard lesson today. I’m sure you don’t have time to be reading my ten page comment, but I like talking to you. Well it’s 6:39 here so I guess I have to eat dinner.
                      Enjoy working bc I know that’s what you are doing.

                    2. I like talking to you too – it sounds like you are an insanely good dancer. 😉
                      When I am working on music, I know it’s getting to the right place when I start to spontaneously move to it – that’s a pretty cool feeling.
                      Hard guitar lesson? What were you learning?
                      I am 😉 And I will 😉
                      Big hug back,
                      – J x

                    3. I had my fourth lesson. I’ve been learning to play notes e f and g without any breaks. Sometimes when I’m looking at the page I forget which note I’d which so I have to pause. The other thing is I’m having trouble with first position. I have a problem keeping my first finger on the first fret and then stretching my finger to the third fret. Then she taught me a few cords, but the lesson was coming to an end and I was like what???
                      I’m going to practice getting the c cord right and I’m sure our next lesson will be all about cords. The other thing is I keep moving my thumb rather than keeping it back behind the first and second fret. She told me to pretend it was glued. I knew it would be difficult, but I figure I will just keep going and eventually get it. So it’s 3 00 where you are. Are you just waking up? I’m off to meditate. Have a good day😊
                      Traci 💖

                    4. You meditate too?
                      You are like a singing, dancing, zen monk (soon-to-be-when-she-learns-the-C-Chord) rockstar 😉
                      It sounds like your lessons are quite formal, are you learning classical guitar? The thumb thing is ok for classical or flamenco music, but for other styles it’s a bit useless – look at Hendrix or Clapton soloing, their thumb is way over the neck, also in Jazz you actually use the thumb to fret notes, but I digress… 😉
                      I had an awesome day – it was really relaxing and I am happily anticipating my week.
                      Hope all is well with you, dancer girl,
                      – J x

                    5. Hi you…I like that description! I’m not sure about guitar lessons. I did tell her I see guitar players with the thumb over the neck. I don’t remember what she said. I’ll ask her. Glad to hear you had a relaxing day. I had a good day too. My daughter and I made cupcakes. It’s cool that she still likes to do that at 15. Yep I bake too, from a box let’s not get crazy
                      Tonight I have my women’s group. We chant and share and meditate for 2 hours. It’s awesome. But now I have to go food shopping 😛 Chore time. I listen to my music while I shop, but I hate carrying it upstairs and putting it away. Then again I’m grateful for it. I rather be reading, or dancing;-) Yesterday I downloaded an old 80s song and danced away. I also downloaded some heavy metal. I love working out to heavy loud music and the guitar is insane in these songs. I had an intense hour workout on the treadmill and of course I sang and looked like I was at a concert.
                      It’s beautiful outside….70 degrees. Is it cold in Scotland now?
                      Well you’re probably drinking coffee and getting some dinner soon and I’m off to shop. I always seem to be off to doing something when I talk to you. Tomorrow I am planning on reading and writing in my journal. Yep I do that too…since middle school. I have boxes of journals in my ex husband’s house in the attic. I find when I journal I not only have a place to vent, but I get clarity. Oh my gosh I’m still talking, procrastinating from my chores. Have a fantastic evening😊
                      Traci 💖

                    6. That’s really cool – baking is Punk Rock 😉
                      Woman’s chant? You have so many cool hobbies. (Music whilst you work is the Bomb 😉 )
                      (Reading or Dancing is also the Bomb however.) You sound like a super interesting person (and a cool Mom.)
                      It’s getting colder… but it doesn’t get really cold till January / February.
                      I have actually just had breakfast – it is about midnight here.
                      Hope your chores went well,
                      Big hug,
                      – J x

                    7. Thank you. I do have a lot interests, but I don’t always practice them. That’s funny you had breakfast at midnight. You make me laugh..literally! I’m actually laughing at this very moment. Why thank you….I was once told that I was intriguingly beautiful. I was in my 20s and it was a guy at a bar. The interesting part was I told him my last name and left thinking he was going to try to contact me through the mail; remember mail? Sure enough a week later I get a letter from him. He says he looked me up in the phonebook; that sounds weird…phonebook! He says he’s never done this before, and goes on to say how lovely I am. Then he asks me out. I was with my ex husband at the time, so I wrote him back and told him thanks but no thanks.I thought that was very brave of him. I have this intuition about stuff. The problem with being interesting is that I get bored very easily. I’m not content to work and have dinner and watch the voice, like most people. I’m not working right now, but I’m sure you know what I mean. Sometimes I wish I was like that, so life would feel more stable and less longing for things. I think I’m a cool mom, but my daughter just tells me I’m weird, but she’s 15 so that’s normal, although I do think she thinks I’m cool but won’t say it. We like some of the same music and go to concerts together. She had a bad day about a month ago and she called me and told me she was scared, and she said she wanted to talk to me bc we talk about her problems, and I thought score! What I’m doing is working. Baking is punk rock; that’s funny, maybe if I bake while I listen to Blister in the Sun (Violent Femmes). It’s on my itunes. Food shopping was the usual, but it’s done. Today I have to do bills..yuk! This is an area where I have to work hard to get it right, and even then sometimes my checkbook is not right. I hope your music making is going well. Today I am not off to anywhere. I meditated and exercised and I’m going to just chill. I may even take a nap. One of the women in my group is from Scotland. She’s 80 years old; maybe she can teach some things.
                      Have a good day…I’m thinking you’re sleeping now.

                    8. Breakfast at midnight is the New Thing. It is Catching On.
                      That is a cool story! Phonebook is so much cooler than Facebook Stalking 😉
                      It’s good to like variety, and take joy in life, I do for sure. (You sound like a cool Mom to me).
                      Baking IS Puck Rock. Also: Knitting. Very Puck Rock 😉
                      Violent Femmes Kick Ass.
                      Meditation and Exercise. Throw in a book, some coffee, a little music and some good company and you’ve got my perfect day there. 😉
                      I am just about to sleep, yes.
                      Big love, Big hug,
                      – J x

                    9. I’ve had breakfast for dinner, but usually if I am awake and eating at midnight, it would be ice cream or cookies or pizza…lol I didn’t think of it as stalking; that’s hysterical! I ended up reading for like 3 hours; I did listen to some music, but my only company was Bobb my cat. And that was fine, bc I enjoyed the peace and quiet. Thanks I think I’m a member of the cool mom club, and my concert friend is too. Our kids actually want to hang out with us, but this will pass as soon as some boy pays attention to her. I had a psychic tell me that she was going to be admired by a boy this school year and that he was bad news. She said he will look fine, but he’s no good. I’ve been to this lady twice in two years, and she’s good. But that comment could be any 15 year old. I was 15 when I met her dad. I have forewarned her of the bad boys. When I pick her up from school I people watch, and I saw the bad boy. Combat boots, hooded sweatshirt with a leather jacket over it and faded jeans, a heart breaker for sure. I know I sound jaded.She is super smart and talented. She plays advanced violin, writes stories, sketches, paints and has sold a painting and had her work in two exhibits. Her potential is off the charts. She has a love for antiques and Russia and Latvia. Since she is in all honors classes her friends are like her and maybe the bad boy won’t even get in her radar. I read something recently and it said “bad boys are bad.” It was like they were saying wake up bad boys are called bad boys for a reason and not just because they like heavy metal or whatever. Don’t ask me why but girls and women have and always will like bad boys. I’ve had my share and while I had some amazing times, I have also had some really shitty times too. So the last guy I dated was a nice guy; this was 2 years ago. He was easy and no drama, great family, no issues with mom, but boring as hell! I tried but eventually I broke his heart…sorry not sorry..what a stupid saying;-) I just need to be me for a while. Violent Femmes song Blister in the Sun came out when I was in high school along with Bitchin’ Camero, but I don’t remember who sang that. I spent hours alone in my room listening to alternative music and making mixed tapes..haha! I just read The Cure is touring next year. I saw them twice in the 80s and in college I did a speech about them in speech class! I remember bringing in my poster from my dorm room…funny! Ok this chapter of Traci’s life is over bc I have to go to bed; stay tuned you never know what might be in the next chapter.I’m glad to hear you are sleeping. Now does that mean you sleep all night, or do you wake up to work in the middle of the night? Oh, I tried knitting once, not my thing. I do like coloring. There’s this whole adult coloring book mania going on, not sure if you’re aware. If you walk into a book store you will see tons of them. They call it art therapy. I don’t do it often; I should do it more. Whatever works, we all need to relax. Some color, some smoke pot, some make music; some drink, and some do all of the above. I just color out of that list. I really have to go now. Zzzzzzzzzz
                      Enjoy your day!

                    10. Reading is the bomb. Three hours is a good jag – well done you 😉
                      Your concern for your daughters wellbeing is beautiful and admirable. I don’t have any children, but have an incredible amount of respect for those who do, and the highest for good parents. You sound as if you are doing well with it.
                      I laughed when I read that the good guy bored you to tears! Oh shit! What does that say about good guys?…
                      I basically sleep when I’m tired, don’t have an alarm and then get up and work until I am tired again – seems to work for me, you know? Like the Zen saying: Eat when you are hungry, sleep when you are tired. Done.
                      I have kinda seen bits and pieces of the coloring thing. Is that really what is happening? Crazy. But if it works, and doesn’t hurt anybody else, I am all for it – I’ve seen that quite a lot of folk have started playing games in the park too, stuff like catch, frisbee etc, also board games. All these things are pretty cool with me.
                      Enjoy yours, Traci Rockstar.
                      – J x

                    11. Thanks so much for your kind words. Being a parent is so hard, and being a good parent is the hardest. Thanks for saying that bc it is a thankless job and they always want more. She gave me an attitude today and I told her not to speak to me like that and then it passes but it’s annoying and exhausting. But she has to be told.
                      I think there are good guys who are interesting. I’ll let you know in the future. Yea I see men playing serious chess with timers at Barnes and Noble, my favorite place. I dated a musician who had a studio in his home and had ADD and he followed a schedule like you. He told me he just goes and goes until he crashes and then starts over, like a wind up toy. He was a chef too, which was cool. He used to sit on the couch and play his guitar and sing then make me dinner.
                      I can be easily spoiled and I’ll admit, I’m not so good at spoiling. Too much spoiling and I’m like a princess.
                      His ADD was challenging. He didn’t take meds bc he didn’t want it to affect his talent so he could be cooking and listening to music and have 3 tvs on all at the same time. One time I was like can we please shut off one tv? I’m highly sensitive to noise and I can get agitated and anxious. I tried to be understanding, I only asked to shut one tv😁
                      So you just follow your body, that’s good you can do that. Imagine if you had to get up at 6 and go to bed at ten every night? Well since you are an independent musician you can do that and other things like backpack for 2 weeks. One day I’ll have more time and hopefully more money, and maybe a millionaire boyfriend! See I need to be with a rock star bc I will have time away from him and I soooo need that and then when I see him again it will be great bc I missed him so much. I can’t be with someone every day or I’d go bat shit crazy. My ex was a firefighter so he worked 3 days straight and then he was home for 3 days. That was good. I need time to myself, like a lot, maybe too much.
                      I always used to say thank God I’m not with a 9 to 5 guy, bc I would feel suffocated. That’s what happened with the good guy. Once I said goodbye I felt like I could breathe again and I had my life back. I’m a complicated egg.
                      I’m going to make candy now. First time ever. I saw the recipe it looks easy so I’m going to give it a try. This time in my life is all about trying new things.
                      I love my new name Traci Rockstar…yea!!
                      Go make beautiful music🎶
                      Traci 💗

                    12. This is an awesome message, both in size and in content 😉
                      It really sounds like you know what you want when it comes to a partner – that can only be a good thing. Having someone play you guitar then make you dinner can’t have been that bad 😉
                      You do indeed, sound like a complicated egg.
                      Making candy sounds awesome. I am off to bed as I have been working for a long time and am thoroughly fuck tired 😉
                      Go be the badass candy-making Rockstar Mom,
                      – J x

                    13. Hey there…How’s your music coming along? I’ve been busy with my daughter and we’ve been getting along and having fun. She is like me when it comes to music. So this week she discovered she likes Florence and the Machine and Panic at the disco. It’s so funny bc we take turns downloading and uploading. She goes in her room and puts on her Bose headphones and sings….just like I did and still do except I don’t have the headphones. She also seems to like My Chemical Romance. I love that we share that in common. Goo goo dolls are releasing new album 2016..their 11th one. This means summer tour and hopefully going backstage again. Yesterday was 25 years since their first real album. Isn’t it cool that vinyl is back? They keep releasing vinyl. My daughter asked for vinyl for Lana del rey but we need a record player. So I am away right now. I drove 4 hours to my friends house for her birthday party. I’m about to go indulge in the hotel buffet breakfast. We played truth or dare at a pub, and we had so much fun. I had to get up and dance and sing. Not a problem. But I also had to go over to this guy and take his hat on put it on my head! That was fun. I told him what I was doing and just did it. Then I ruffled his hair and put in back on. I know how guys are with their hats.Mind you this place was packed bc it’s a sports bar and the local university was playing an away game and there were about 20 televisions! My friend had to ask the young cute waiter when he first had sex. He said 17 so I said last night! He still looked 17! Fun was had by all and then we went back to her house for the party. Soon I have to get back on the road. The drive up was so beautiful. The landscape was breathtaking. The leaves looked like a painting. So for 4 hours I listened to my ipod and sang all the songs. Party for one. I liked the alone time.
                      Yea I’m working on me and figuring out what I want in the future. Ok well I’m off to eat some french toast bacon eggs bagel and a crossiant. The weather here is cold bc I’m 4 hours upstate in ny. Last night was 35 degrees! And some snow came down in surrounding areas. There were so many college students roaming in the streets drunk I’m sure. My university is about 40 minutes south of here…memories. Lots of fun away at college. Dancing on furniture started then! Of course I had to go to class in between the I had an 8 o’clock English class and I was always late and literally would fall asleep at my seat. The professor told me he had it with me being late. So the next class I barely made it on time and I woke up so late I went to class in my pajamas; but I got there just at 8! Haha! It was a 20 minute walk from my dorm to the other side of campus. Ugh! Did you go to college? I was the only one out of all my friends that went away. The first semester I partied every night and got a 1.2 gpa!! I was on probation. Second semester I got on the dean’s list..I just needed time to adjust😜
                      Have a good day!
                      Traci xo

                    14. Hey back,
                      Music and writing is going well, I am really looking forward to getting into it again next week 😉
                      That sounds like a fun time – I am glad you are doing things and being happy, your party for one sounds beautiful.
                      Anyone that goes to class in their pajamas is ultra cool in my book 😉
                      I did go to college, and then University – it’s a little different over here but I spent the time well – I just used it to read philosophy and work on music. I lived with my best friend and we were a club of two. It was a good time. 😉
                      Have a good day you,
                      – J x

                    15. Great to hear your music is going well. Yes I had a lot of fun. That’s cool you lived with your best friend. Philosophy…..interesting. My daughter is so philosophical. She had to write an essay about how society could be fair and equal. She stated it is not possible and continued to give her reasons and examples. And the other day she had an assignment to write about the best type of government. I said what did you write about democracy. She says no there is no best type. She explains. The annoying thing is when I say something and she starts with Well…. I told her maybe you should be a philosophy major! It’s pretty cool how she twists the assignments around to her beliefs. She gets that from dad…in catholic school he questioned the priests often, and they didn’t like it. She’s an interesting person, and she says I know. Lol. Btw she got an A on both papers. Most girls her age are into boys and pop music. She’s into Russian composers and dreams of going to Russia and the Baltic states. If it weren’t for her I would have no idea what Latvia is.
                      I love that she’s who she is and her dad and I support her interests. I told her we can’t go to Latvia right now but set that goal, go to college, get a good job and save your money.
                      Enjoy your music making. Tonight is my women’s group. It’s getting cold here…I had to put the heat on last night. I was freezing!
                      Have a good day😊
                      Traci 💖

                    16. Sounds as if Philosophy would be a good fit for your girl – but only if she chooses it. I observed that the people who did best in any subject were the ones who were self-determined (i.e. had chosen to be there). She does sound as if she has the aptitude tho.
                      That is good advice, Rockstar Mom.
                      I have started to put the heat on here too, probably not as cold as where you are… but I do stay up later 😉
                      Have a good day you,
                      – J

                    17. Thanks I do my best. I agree with you. I always tell her I will support whatever she wants to do. It got warm again here. Today people have the AC on! Crazy weather! Fall with its dark mornings messes with my bipolar. We now start the season of depression. Dr. starting me on new med today. I have been so tired and lethargic. The fatigue is so heavy. I managed to work out and clean the dishes. I haven’t done much of anything. It’s hard parenting like this. It all just sucks. I know it will pass and I called the dr before it got bad. I’m so tired I can’t think or hardly function. I’m at my daughter’s violin lesson and then I’m going to sleep. Hope your music is coming along. Goo goo dolls periscoped 2x from the studio yesterday. I didn’t see it but one comment was it sounds psychedelic like the Doors and it sounds like the old days. I’m excited! One guy wrote love the beat I’m pumped af. I asked my daughter what does af mean she says I can’t say it. She says as…. and Im like Oh…got it. Lol
                      Take care!
                      Traci 😊

                    18. You are funny, I am also pumped af.
                      Sorry to hear about your meds – are you ok? I hope the lethargy takes a back seat soon.
                      I am glad that you are psyched for the new ‘Dolls record tho – it is good to look forward to things.
                      Speaking of which – will you check my blog on Sunday? I am going to post something that will also be available to download for free, and I want as many people to get it on the first day as possible. It would mean the world to me if you could download it.
                      I’d also genuinely love to hear your thoughts on it.
                      Really glad to hear from you. Remember Sunday (but also, keep it a secret, hardly anyone knows. Shhhhhh 😉
                      Big love, big hug,
                      – J x

                    19. Hi…I’m feeling better thanks. I needed to sleep a lot, so I did.I read your post and it is amazing. Sorry I didn’t get to it until today. Thanks for sharing your upcoming post with me. I kept it a secret, since I didn’t know about I would have kept it a secret though; I am a good secret keeper. Not a gossip girl. I’m going to download it tonight. Glad to hear your pumped af! You make me laugh; thanks! Oh and have you heard Adele’s new song? I can’t stop listening to it. Her album comes out November 20th, and I don’t think I can wait that long. She has an amazing voice. The last cd was right after I separated from my former husband and I used to listen to it and sob; it was cathartic. She has a video too; it’s called Hello. I think my neighbors have had it with me playing it on repeat!
                      Nice to talk to you.
                      Traci xo

                    20. Shhhh! It was a secret! Don’t tell anyone I shared it with you!
                      (Shhhhhh) 😉
                      Thanks for getting it, I really appreciate it.
                      No, I haven’t heard it, I am quite far out of the loop 😉 I have been listening to a lot of Fela Kuti tho. So, there is that. 😉
                      Nice to talk to you too,
                      – J x

                    21. Going to download it now. Thanks for asking for my thoughts on your work; that’s brave and cool!

                  1. Why yes I do rock😉
                    Went back to sleep this morning.
                    Now I’m headed to gym. It’s literally across the street. It’s in my apartment complex.
                    Enjoy the rest of your day!

                    1. Wow…you are up all night and still working out? Oh yea I think you said you run. I hope there is food mixed in with all the coffee, well not literally

  8. James! Thank you so much for being such a kind reader of my curious words, it’s encouraging to know that someone else finds joy in them too. I listened to a track from “Present: Reflections” today and would just like to say: It made me want to sit down and pray for a while. How beautiful. I’m very excited to hear your newest pieces. And I hope you got some well-deserved rest after all the gold-mining 🙂 -Lena

    1. Hey Lena,
      First, in really nice to connect with you, and you are most welcome, keep up the good work 😉
      I love what you have said here about present:reflections, this makes me so deeply happy. Thankyou, Thankyou 😉
      I am very touched be your concern, I don’t really need any rest tho, this is pretty much what I do for love so, it doesn’t wear me out at all – in fact it rejuvenates me.
      Hope you are well, big love, big hug,
      – J

  9. Great stuff James, really looking forward to hearing the new music. I will subscribe on Bandcamp, but really hope you will publish a CD to go with it. It’ll be good to read your newsletter. With winter coming up in the North hopefully you will be able to keep warm, we are going the other way at the moment, days getting hotter and soon will be too hot to bear. Pray for some rain for us. Cheers mate.

    1. Hey there my friend,
      That is really good to know, thankyou so much. And thanks for signing up for the newsletter, I’ll make sure it’s packed with good stuff. It is starting to get colder up here – we had our first fire of the season two nights ago. And it is raining today, which is actually quite rare. I will pray for it to be so with you too, hope the heat is manageable.
      Big love as always and I’ll keep you posted about the new music.
      Hope you are well,
      – J

  10. Hi James. Thank you for your follow and visit to my blog. I’ve been reading some of what you’ve been up to and have enjoyed your style of writing and the peak into your art. I look forward to keeping in touch. Best. Chevvy

  11. New music sounds great! You give your full self to is you want to do, that’s why it turns out so good. TC of yourself along the way.😃🎸🎹

  12. Hi James,
    Glad you found the magic in the studio. The heart wants what the heart wants. It’s fantastic that you’re listening.
    Thanks for a great post and sharing your process.
    Make a joyous sound and make it LOUD!
    Prof. Mitch

  13. I have a basic phone which I pay my daughter a monthly set rate. I turned off Google, Chrome and don’t watch videos. I am intrigued by your sketches and excited about your music. Someday, maybe will sign up. Please keep this blog going! 🙂

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