My days are upside down.

I see little to no daylight and have become almost fully nocturnal.  I don’t really leave the studio except to run and sweat for a single hour each day.  Each night I set up and record straight thru the dark, going as hard as I can until the song of sleep becomes too insistent for my body to ignore.  My social life has dwindled into the realm of virtual non-existence.

And I don’t mind.

At all.

Why?  Because I am currently working on what I think is the most: beautiful, the deepest, the most truthful

Actually, wait; I’m getting a little ahead of myself here.  I should probably back up.

This story began a few months ago…

Uke Floor
Tool #3

It began with some sketches.

With me letting the moment do it’s own thing.  It began with minor exploratory digs, little excursions to ascertain if there were any veins worth opening in the bedrock.  For this one I resolutely started with no end goal in mind.  No cookie-cutter vision to jam something into.  No safety net.  I simply readied myself, did the work, and accepted whatever came.

After a month there were 12 pieces of potential merit.  I did a rough mix and master of each of them, and then put them aside to focus on other things for a little while.  To let them breathe.  I read.  I wrote an article about Seneca.  I did a lot of live practice and started talking to some venues about future live events.

After enough time had passed, I took the pieces down, shook them free of the dust they had gathered and, one Tuesday just after midnight, settled into my studio chair to listen with an open heart and mind.  Out of the 12 there were 5 or 6 pieces that instantly stood out, which, as I listened again and again, resolved themselves into 4 nuggets of solid gold.

One of the most beautiful things about being an independent is (providing you manage your resources well) you can work on things until they are right, unconstrained by an arbitrary time limitation.  I mean, sure, deadlines can be useful things but the real joy comes from taking a track to that place where it sings, and sometimes that needs more time.  Time enough to find that place where the piece is somehow whole and complete unto itself.  The best feeling.  Pure golden light.

All this is a long-ass way of saying: There is new music.

And these pieces are good.  Like, really good.

Like: shake the world good.

I’ll keep you updated.  (A good way to ensure this would be to sign up for the thing that I’m going to talk about in the next section).

Big Love to you all, and Thankyou for reading this,

Speak soon,


Something New…

I am radically evolving my mailing list.  As of right now there are: 2 Major Changes.

Change #1: I am starting a monthly Newsletter.

Each month I’m going to send out a short missive containing the absolute best stuff I have found (whether that be in the form of: books, films, music, podcasts, or whatever) plus a little about what I have been doing and any insider info on super-interesting upcoming stuff.  You will also be able to email me direct to chat about it.

Change #2 When you sign up you get Free Music.

When you sign up for the newsletter you get 3 Free Tracks of my music!  (They come in the ‘Welcome’ email, after you’ve confirmed your subscription.)

Each person that signs up renders me deeply happy in my feels so, if you have any interest, or harbor any inclination to try it out, do it.15.02.15 buttonrevc

[Important note:  Some email providers (especially Gmail because of it’s recent ‘tabbed style’ update) are a little tricky to navigate when signing up.  The easiest way to do it is:

Click the link above and enter your address.  Then find the email I’ve sent you (if not in your inbox then check your spam) and click ‘confirm’. (if you add the address to your contacts list at this point it will make everything easier in the long term).  Done.

Once you have confirmed you’ll get a welcome email packed with goodies (usually within a few minutes).]

Lastly: If you’d like to find out what I’m up to on a more day-to-day basis here is my brain on Twitter:

If you have any: thoughts, questions or things that you’d like to talk to me about, enter them in the comments box below and let’s get to it.

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