66 thoughts on “ Statement: ”

  1. Thank you so much for liking my poem Love As A Card Game. The idea hit me while reminiscing about some similarities among a few (or more) of my former loves.

    Brent Kincaid, WordMusic.


  2. Well said James – and that’s exactly it: everyone needs to put down the guns. Everyone. As a species, we have slipped far to far away from one of the (few) crucial things that makes up the best parts of being human: our ability to exercise compassion and empathy and love of all kinds. Tribalism of any sort/flavour/politics only serves to divide us, limit thinking, and provoke fear-based responses. If we are, as a species, divided … then what is best in us is conquered, and fear wins.


    1. It does seem to break down to a fear / love foundation doesn’t it? ;-)
      I am not sure what the answer is, but I feel that better and more education is the way forward. Time and again, in the accounts that I have read of similar situations, education seems to be the greatest force multiplier, and also the highest leverage area. It is not a short-term, sexy solution, but I think it will eventually prove to be, be far the most effective.
      Thanks for adding your voice to this. I really appreciate it.
      I hope these words find you well,
      – J


      1. Agreed – disinformation, misinformation, propoganda, and lack of education on many fronts are the undoing of compassionate action. I’m not sure what solutions there are either James – so much of this is about power politics and the manipulation of disenfranchised individuals to achieve someone else’s ends. Everyone loses, over and over. Thanks for your voice too; it matters to speak, and it matters to be heard. Wishing you well, S


    1. Wow. Thankyou very much for the kudos here. This is very humbling for me. ;-)
      Personally, I think diversity is no bad thing. I am far from perfect or fully formed and it helps me to grow.
      I understand where you are coming from tho, it is hard not to want people to put down the guns, isn’t it?
      Thankyou for this.
      – J

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        1. I totally understand. It can be very hard to think that way, even at the best of times.
          But to make the effort is vital; especially if we are to move on from the endless repetition of these kind of events.
          I am really glad that you stopped by. Thankyou for adding your voice to this.
          I hope you are well,
          – J


  3. Oh beloved James,

    I know it, I just know it. Sometimes words fail me, and I thank you for sharing yours to tuck in close to. We are each of us vulnerable in our precious humanity. Let us remember it is our strength and not our weakness to be open, to be peace in the chaos, to be light in the dark, to be accepting of each other.

    I weep for them, for us.

    But the faith, the faith never falters.

    Hugs and love, dear one, always,



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