It’s been a little while since I released the album, and longer still since I started the blog.

Many things happened in the interim.  I’ve made a lot of new friends.  I’ve done a bunch of interviews, and I’ve talked and written of many, many things.  But one thing I haven’t talked about yet is: what I have been up to whilst all this has been going on.

Some things have stayed the same.  But many more have changed.

Some things have been torn down.  Others have been rebuilt.  And some things, some things have been razed to the very earth.

I have been away, I have climbed mountains, and I have returned.  And, as of this week, I have a: New and Secret Lover (who is pictured later on in this post).

Are you ready?  Cos, shit’s about to get really real… ;-)

A lot has happened

In the immediate aftermath of Album Release, mostly, I just did music.

Which may sound a little strange to you.  And a little underwhelming.  After all, had I not just almost broken myself in The Crush?  Did I not need A Break?  Well…yes. ;-)  But the truth is, I don’t do that well with time off.  Not because I am a workaholic, just because: the practice of creativity, (combined with meditation) is one of the main ways that I process life.  It helps me deal with my junk, helps me wash myself clean of the accumulated dust, dross and detritus of living.  Deprived of it I am like a dog, locked in a basement without windows, food or even a mickey-mouse chew-toy…

During this time I also pondered

Whilst I was recording the album, I had became cognizent of a lot of things about: my space, my equipment, and my setup that could be improved.  I had a little space of time, so I thought about it and decided: before my next project I was going to fully upgrade the studio.  ‘A few tweaks here and there’, (I thought to myself).  ‘It will probably take no time at all‘…

It took: months.

The room itself was essentially taken back to bare walls.  Then taken back further.  Then built back up with wood and thick, thick plasterboard.  Shutters were custom made and installed to soundproof the windows (I no longer have to wait until midnight to do master recordings).  The walls were replastered, repainted, then hung with heavy cotton sheeting to deaden sound reflection.  I made an isolation booth from a crate and an old carpet to zero any disparate equipment noise.  I built a standing desk.  Then (because: ‘if a jobs worth doing…), I fixed everything that needed fixing, replaced anything that stubbornly refused it’s mandatory reincarnation, and invested in a slew of new and shiny gear.  The main recording station got a complete overhaul.  I obtained a beautiful new vocal microphone set up.  Everything has fresh batteries.  Everything purrs.

At job’s end I was tired.  And more than a little burnt.  So I took Lover and we headed north; to climb the mountains and breathe the air of some the high and wild places of the world.

Places, like this:

 (Click to Embiggen - You'll be glad you did.)
Click to Embiggen – You’ll be glad you did.

Then I returned, full of vim, (this is a real phase – if you don’t believe me go here) and re-entered the studio, curious to see what would happen.

I was not disappointed…

Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to hear cello in my music.  Why?  Well, because to me the sound of the cello is perfect.  A ragged razors edge singing blood in a black ocean.  It’s voice is an integral part of my internal sonic landscape and, over the years, I have written many, many pieces of music for it, never really knowing how I would get to hear them.

In truth, I had pretty much tried and discarded every way of bringing this idea into reality.

Save one…

Meet: My New and Secret Lover…

Before this week, I literally hadn’t even touched a cello.  So I borrowed one from a friend and played it for a day, (Mon – Aug 4 in case you were wondering).  The next day I played it again.  And the next.

On the fourth day, I began writing and recording.

And thus I settle, once again, onto the ocean floor of my musical life.  I get up  every day before dawn and head straight down to the studio.  I sing.  I write.  I record.

And now, I play cello. ;-)

There are new things.  New things that are growing.  New music is coming.



Very, very soon.

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133 thoughts on “ A Lot Has Happened Since Then / My New and Secret Lover… ”

    1. It is a mighty undertaking (soundproofing that is).
      I totally know how you feel tho. Whilst I was making the first album, I had to record at night, because I didn’t yet have a soundproof space. So I would record from 12 – 6 in the morning then get to sleep around 9AM. Day noise is craziness.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by. (I’m glad you like her) ;-)
      – J


  1. This is fantastic to read. Only been blogging since the beginning of August and have achievement so much but this is amazing to read and look forward to reading more and finding your music x


  2. Hey James. Thanks for the like and add. For some reason some of your singing reminds me of something dessert/Arabian or maybe a safari. Which is totally cool. I also like your nature themes, gives it a nature vibe. I love the piano, guitar and cello. They can go pretty well together.. pretty soon with lover and all you’ll have a one man orchestra. =) gl with that.


    1. The voice of the cello is, indeed, an incredibly beautiful thing.
      I have started recording with it – it’s sounding rudimentary. And Perfect. ;-)
      Thanks for getting in touch, hope your day is going well,
      – J

      Liked by 1 person

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