Human beings are creatures of synthesis, whose primary aim in life is: to create higher patterns of energy and information.  Our relentlessly unceasing innovation is hardwired into our very being and fully indiscriminate.  The most important choice we can possibly make in our lives is: the choice of where to direct our focus.

At first glance, these assertions may seem: crazy, incendiary, or completely outlandish.

How can I possibly justify them?  Why is it absolutely vital to know and understand this?  And what is the most important question in the entire world?



As human beings, we are always striving to create higher patterns of energy and information.

We absorb the highest patterns of energy and information available to us.  We process them.  Then, by some mysterious and unseen alchemy, a synthesis occurs within us, and we create something new.

We innovate.

In every field, over countless lifetimes, in innumerable forms.  This process, tho largely unseen, relentlessly repeats, again, and again, and again.  It is a core thread, running thru the very heart of human history like the beat of an unseen forever drum.  Absorb, process, synthesise, create.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.

This process is hardwired into our DNA.  It is what we do as human beings.  It is no mistake that the achievements of each and every successive generation build on, and invariably exceed the former.  We cannot help but be driven to move forward.  What does this mean?  It means that we are built for evolution just as surely as we are built to breathe.  We are meant to stand, ever- reaching, on the shoulders of the giants of history.  This is both our place and our purpose in the world in which we find ourselves, and in which we sprawl.

And, in our time, the internet has blown this process wide, wide open.

For the very first time in human history there exists a medium for the free and instantaneous exchange of any and all information.  In the past, the pace of our innovation was capped, limited by information scarcity, but no longer.  What once was a sole, guttering candle flame is now a raging forest fire; the merest memory of a breeze is now a hurricane of devastating proportions; and the slowest, creeping trickle of water, is now a world eating tsunami the size of God.  The creation of this medium is the single greatest defining achievement of our generation.  It is our wheel, our fire, our footprint on the moon of time.  And, among many other things, it has increased the already relentless pace of our innovation, exponentially.

And here, as the bard would say, is the rub.

Human innovation is, by it’s very nature, indiscriminate.  It has no guiding moral compass.  It does not care which direction it is facing, or whose interests it is serving.  Da Vinci created sublime works of art that nestled up against designs for the most horrific machines of war imaginable.  Einstein gave us the theory of relativity, and helped birth the atomic bomb.  Our collective innovation is as responsible for: the spacecraft that put us on the moon and the drugs that cured polio, as it is for: chemical warfare, Big Brother, and the death ovens of Auschwitz.

Our continuing and accelerating innovation is inexorable; our progress towards a desirable end is not.  Whether we progress or not will be determined by: the direction our innovation takes.  This direction is solely determined by: where we place our focus.

As surely as good seeds, bedded in dark soil, and fed well with warm sunlight and plentiful cool rain will sprout; wherever human beings bring and sustain their focus, innovation will occur.  As the landscape of our lives begins to blur, as the pace of our relentless innovation continues to  accelerate exponentially, and as our collective body begins to feel the pounding effects of this acceleration’s inertia, the question of where to place, and, sustain our focus, is rapidly becoming the most important, relevant, and vital question in today’s world.

But you want some good news?

Unlike our hardwired impulse to innovate, or the relentlessly growing tidal waves spawned in the ever-expanding ocean of information; where we put our focus is a product not of inviolable natural law…

…but of our conscious choice.

I wish you well.

– J

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92 thoughts on “ The Most Important Question You Will Ever Answer… ”

  1. I find myself at odds not with the intent of the message, instead with the choice of the words. Probably because of my upbringing in understanding of words.

    Are humans creature of synthesis? I can agree with this based on this quote:

    “…But everywhere Humans go, they create communities out of diverse and sometimes hostile populations. It is a great gift and a terrible responsibility. One that can not be abandoned…”

    However, I find myself in disagreement with you saying that humans are hardwired to being indiscriminate… about information… about ideas… about fellow man… about even the way this synthesis can occur. It can appear however, as indiscriminate when looking at it from afar. Like viewing someone on the plains (of life) and seeing them through a telescope or binoculars..

    It is when one gets closer to individuals (friends, family and yes even strangers), one can see that humans by nature are very discriminate (recognize a distinction; differentiate.) The positive of this is to be inclusive of the hostile, of the diverse, of the the different to create something new out of those differences. The negative is of course the trait of being exclusive.

    In getting closer, you see another quality not necessarily “hardwired” into the DNA of the individual, but is a trait associated to the human race as a whole. That of sentience.

    Sentience is the driving force for this quality of inclusion/exclusion. Of communities and cliques. . It is the want, the need, the desire and also the security of applying order to the terrifying chaos of that which is unlabeled, uncategorized and yes even the unknown and changing this quality to.. known… it might not always be understood — but it has been — identified.

    While you hint at it in this message, I feel the need — perhaps even the prerogative — to bring it into the light fully. Morality. It is also a tool of sentience. It is used to discriminate the difference between good and bad, between right and wrong, between the darkness and the light of such synthesis humanity is able to create. Sentience uses this tool — both in the microcosm of an individual’s to the macrocosm of the world at large — to determine whether this synthesis, this sentience, and this drive to propagate ourselves as a species is of order (at best) and evolution (at worst). In essence — being of the angels we would like to be instead of the devils of entropy, chaos, destruction and (ultimately) extinction.

    Morality is in fact hardwired into sentience… Even if it doesn’t appear to be so when seeing the mentally disturbed, the sociopath, even the psychopath. For as I have learned through experience such people are driven by their needs for order even if it’s not generally acceptable of society at large.

    Although I am confused a bit by the remainder of your message. At first you seem to be directed toward individual understanding, but toward the end you seem to be focused on humanity on the whole. While sure it might seem like the whole is covered by a miasma in the present, what if I were to suggest that individual growth and growth of humanity are tied into the same thing? That it only seems clouded because humanity now seems to be locked into a million little projects and instead of one larger one (like going to the moon, or MLK’s March on Washington). That when you are capable of seeing the million and one little problems of smaller groups and individuals, you’ll see the wheels of a machine moving toward the same thing: Order out of the chaos…


    1. Hey there,
      First, thankyou so much for the energy and emotion. I really appreciate you digging in and writing such an in depth comment. Glad you were engaged.
      So, firstly, if you read the post again, there is not a blanket statement that states: human beings are indiscriminate, I say that human beings are indiscriminate in their innovation, and that our creativity is constant, and without guiding compass. If you look at human history, it is fairly easy to see that: a) we are continually evolving and creating, and b) sometimes we create some really shitty things. I reference the atom bomb, chemical warfare etc.
      In life, human beings can be very discriminate.
      I totally agree with you that the individual and the collective are tied to the same thing. Order out of chaos indeed… ;-)
      Thanks again for stopping by, and your thought provoking words. Hope you’re having a great day,
      – J


      1. Mr. R…

        I challenge even the indiscriminate nature of humanity’s creations between the sublime/benevolent and the gross/malevolent. For even there in the spectrum of those creations; there is a specific order to it, that does in fact reflect discrimination. Though for us, we do not always see that order.. that discrimination; because we aren’t/weren’t there when they were created and had only learned of it second-hand (at worst).

        I would like to introduce you to an Eastern Concept that has been translated to the western world. One that involves the 4th Ray (of the Seven Rays) of which is called “Harmony Through Conflict”.

        In Babylon 5 (as I assume you saw it as well), we saw that played out in the drama between the Vorlon (creatures of order) vs. the Shadows (creatures of chaos). In real life it’s simply put as the conflict between the angels and devils of human nature.

        When seen with this light, could the perspective been obtained that perhaps those creations are in fact further proof of the discrimination of sentience to do this:

        “…we are the universe, made manifest, trying to figure itself out…”



        1. That’s really interesting Michael,
          I think I see what you are saying. If you’re saying that, while from a small scale that things can seem indiscriminate, on a larger scale they are part of a larger harmony, I totally agree with you.
          I have not seen Babylon 5 I’m afraid, but I am impressed that you rocked the quote. ;-)
          Good to hear from you,
          – J


          1. Mr. R —

            Correct! It’s all about perspective… Change your perspective from the microcosm (self/immediate area) to the macrocosm (world/universe), and you change your understanding of those innovations.

            I strongly suggest to anyone that hasn’t seen Babylon 5 to watch it. It can be uneven in places, but from a universalist’s point of view, it’s… reaffirming.



  2. Ant the majority? The ones who don’t do much thinking. And their Guides, Leaders, Bosses, the ones who want to keep it that way.
    Some don’t have a choice, some wouldn’t exercise it if they had one. No, I’m not a pessimist! But I don’t give the world as we know it more than about 300 years!!!!!!
    But I struggle on!


  3. Dear James,

    This touches on levels upon levels so deep it is a bugger to comment on. Powerful, thoughtful, and so pulsing with importance.

    Everything you say is a personal and collective call to inward focus on mindful action. Such powerful beings are we but how do we wield it?

    Much reflection to do indeed. Thank you for being such a beacon beyond the usual fog.

    Much respect and big love,


    P. S. Add a “hell yeah” button, do! :)


    1. Allison,
      I am so glad that you liked it. Truth to tell, when it was finished, I had no idea what it was.
      You are beautiful and your words make me very happy.
      How we wield it is a huge question isn’t it?
      You are more than welcome – Thankyou in return for your beautiful words, your sublime encouragement, and your general awesomeness – all these things mean a lot to me.
      Respect and love back at you,
      – J
      P.S. I am totally going to do this. ;-)


  4. Hi James, I look forward to your posts and love that you are reading mine as well!! We are all capable of amazing things and when we connect with those who bring us to a realm of infinite possibility by the expression of words it reinforce we don’t have to go it alone.


    1. Hey Barra,
      I am very glad that you stopped by and am happy that you felt the need to commment!
      I agree, as crazy as we are, we don’t have to go it alone.
      Happy to make your acquaintance. ;-)
      Big hug,
      – J


  5. These Questions is about pondering the deep questions of life, death and eternity. It is a fresh approach to the age-old issues of human existence.


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