In one sense, it seems like a goodly while since I released the album.  In reality it’s only been about 3 months.  But, if you drive with something in the rearview for 3 months you can end up a powerfully long way away from where you started from.

So where have I been and how far have I come in those 3 months? Well…


In the beginning, I spent a while simply doing music and writing every day for it’s own sake.  Going thru the practice with no real goal in mind.

My daily practice is one of the main ways that I process the raw material from the deepening mine that is my life.  It breaks things down and cleans me out (in a good way).  During this period I was very grateful that I hadn’t booked a tour.  The process of finalizing all of the pieces on the album and solidifying my dreams in the digital world was super intense.  There is definitely a fruit-like cycle to making art for me.  First things are born then they develop and then they ripen.  As a corollary I have found that: if I try and force things to develop in any way or if I play them too much then, just like fruit, they can over-ripen and ultimately rot.  This is to be avoided.  By release, everything had reached a natural place of completion.  When it was done, it was fully done.

As an independent artist, I am afforded the freedom to make my own schedule and set my own priorities.  Why is this so important?  Well, because this freedom allows me to preserve the integrity of the relationships that I have with: what I do and the people who find value in what I do.  These relationships are really the #1 priority in my working life.

So, rather than beating the pieces on the album into the ground, or making a massive effort to promote the record I have been Doing Other Things, which have included: connecting one-on-one with the people who have bought, listened to, and genuinely resonated with the music.  (If you are one of those people who’ve reached out and connected, then I want to say a huge Thankyou to you.  You guys are the reason I do this, you light me up, and you genuinely mean a great deal to me).

So, with all that said you may be wondering: ‘ wait a minute…if he hasn’t been playing the pieces from the album then what has he been playing?’

Glad you asked. ;-) Sometimes, pieces that I’d been developing but that hadn’t ripened by release date.  Sometimes, older pieces that resurfaced.  And sometimes, brand-new pieces that spontaneously originated from my practice then kept hanging around.

In fact, somewhere around the second month mark, it slowly dawned on me that: when I played these pieces all together they sounded like a really strong set.  In fact, they actually sounded kinda like an album.  So, I decided to demo them.  To state that slightly differently:

I’m currently demoing my second album, (3 months after the release of the first).

Which: A) Seems to have happened by accident, and B) Is 12 types of cool. ;-)

That is not to say that there is any timeframe for a release at this point.  At the moment, I’m just going to finish the demo and lock it away in the vault in order to let the pieces marinade in their own juices for however long they need.  Time is on my side here and percolation is the watchword.

All this, of course, leads naturally to the final question which is: If I am not touring at the moment, and if the demo will be finished in the next few weeks, then what will I be doing after I finish it?  I am here to tell you that the answer to this question is both: phenomenally exciting, and (for now (regrettably)) also: Secret.

But not for long.  ;-)

Watch this space for the news.  Scan the blog for the clues.  And at dawn, on the third day, look to the east.


In my last post I laid down a challenge which stated that: I would give away a pair of albums each time my follower count passed the hundred mark between 3500 and 4000.  The Tribe has subsequently grown dramatically (due in no small measure to the folk buying and talking about the music), and I’m pleased to announce that 6 of the 10 albums have been won.  They go to:

–   Zara Daniela

–  Alexander Kennedy

–  Fern Mitchell

–  VortexDating

–  James Manila, and

–  JungleGeez

If your name is here, you should have received an email from me with a free download code.

Now, in case you are jonesing to score one of the remaining 4 albums that are up for grabs, don’t worry, there is still time.  All you have to do is: keep a weather eye on my follower count, and when it gets near to the next hundred mark (i.e. 3900 and 4000) then pounce on the ‘follow’ button like a jungle cat on amphetamines.  ;-)


And lastly: This month I will be depositing the next big donation to VSN (the charity that I support thru sales of the album).  So, if you are one of the many people who have bought my album in the last month and a half, then you should feel happy and know that, by purchasing my music, you have helped: house, feed and clothe some orphaned kids that really really need it.

You guys are My Kind of People.  You are all beautiful.  You know it.

My name is James Radcliffe and I am a 100% audience supported independent artist.  If you like what I do (and can afford it) then please consider buying some of my music.  Each purchase really makes a big difference to me and 10% of every sale goes to a charity which: houses, feeds, clothes, and educates orphaned children in Nepal.

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44 thoughts on “ Flashback / Update / Secrets / Gifts ”

  1. Reblogged this, and commented:
    I and enjoyed reading and listening to your blog and your music. I have been into music for a few decades but have never even thought about putting my music on the web. It’s something I will have to give thought to. Your style is unique and very enjoyable. I will have to get a copy when I am able. Keep up the creativity and my the Lord give you Good Success.,,,,,,PaPa


    1. Thankyou very much,
      I am very glad that you liked the music and the blog – makes me happy.
      If you feel to put your music out there you should fully do it. The internet can be a beautiful place.
      When you get the album, do let me know what you think of it – I would value your thoughts greatly,
      Hope you are having a good day, be well,
      – J


  2. P.S. I am at the threads (and my wits) end but would like to state that I did NOT dress up as a dwarf at the HobbitCon. If I ever were up to turn myself into a Middle-earth character, I think I´d show up with a lovely horse as a tough (lady-)Rohirrim ;-) because that would bemy “tribe”. Or as Sebastian the hedgehog, he was SO cute ;-)


  3. You just can’t stop, can you? ;)
    Good for you, though. Keep at it! :)

    (Loving the LotR reference)


      1. HEY that is not true, I caught it, too! Just saying! ;-))). And you DO know I am just a little bit …just a little tiny bit obsessed with the LotR and Hobbit movies so it´s likely I speak truth -“your” line was said by Gandalf to Strider (one of my fav figures), am I right or am I right? ;-)) And therefore I take it that the demo will be released in three days …or am I being too hasty?


            1. ;-)
              I am very well. Today has been an awesome day so far.
              Good midday to you too. I hope you are brimming with inspiration, energy, and have many dogs to walk / hang out with.
              – J x


          1. ;-) hm interesting to read that you two are not that enthusiastic about the Hobbit movies in terms of story…
            does the storyline as such is the only / main factor to make a “good” movie for you?
            Do you find the Hobbit-story not epic enough? I can understand it as you both write so well, and probably especially have a very keen eye on that factor in a film , is that so?

            For me there are quite a few factors that let me really believe and enjoy a film , especially a Fantasy film, the Story for me just has to be conclusive but not necessary very “flashy”, I very much like good humour (plenty in the Hobbit at least for my childlike taste ;-) ) , distinguishable and convincing characters (I find the dwarves just hilouriously fun and great and convincing), great set design / costumes / landscapes, astounding creatures ( I find Smaug simply breathtakingly well created, how he looks + moves + speaks ..I was not enthusiastic about how Beorn looked, though. ) All in all, for me the two Hobbit films were absolutely fantastic and highly enjoyable just as the LotR movies were.

            Would love to hear your opinions ;-))


            1. That’s cool. ;-) I am glad you like them so much.
              I think, for me, I can enjoy them for what they are, but it seems like there’s a big difference in terms of core quality between the hobbit movies and the LOTR. The hobbit movies are definitely prettier, and I am a big fan the the Peter Jackson and Weta, which is probably why I can enjoy the movies. At the end of the day, the movies are what they are and I will fully be buying the extended editions and going to see the third one, so I guess I can’t think that they’re that bad. They just didn’t rock my world like the first 3.
              That said, I enjoyed the second movie way more than the first, (tho I was quite ‘meh’ about the dragon. ) ;-)
              – J


              1. hm yes, the extended DVDs are awesome especially when one is interested in how the films were made , which a lot of people do not want to know at all because it spoils their imagination, I can well understand that . Also a lot of Tolkien enthusiasts cannot stand how the stories are changed to make the Story them filmable, I personally can see both as seperate things, just as you mentioned, but again I do understand that some have trouble with that. The movies and all the merchandise and cult that goes with it is a phenomenal moneymakingmashine, isn´t t? ;-) . . I was lucky to visit the exhibiton for the LotR in London and Berlin where they showed off many original constumes and armor and weapons and miniature sets and cave troll sculpture etc , for me a dream come true twice to see the stuff up close ;-). I hope they´ll offer that for the Hobbit films as well.
                And I look foreward to more references to any of those 6 films in any of your upcoming blogposts ;-))

                PS I ordered the book by Mr Pressfield you recently recommended and look foreward to reading , although it scared me to read he was a Marine…explains the “kick ass” attitude I sensed between the lines I read so far ;-))


                1. You are majorly lucky to have seen some of the props – I adore that kind of stuff and find it The Fascinating. ;-)
                  I think that, opinion will always be divided when you are dealing with something that is held so dear and loved so much by so many different people. I don’t think that there is a version of the movie that could be made that would please everybody.
                  I hope you’ll enjoy the book. I find it to be KickAss, and recommend it whenever I can.
                  Hope you are well, Cris of the Nemeth,
                  – J x


                  1. ;-) yes the book has a lot of (bitter) truth in it. I read it through in one big gulp and will reread it more thoroughly this weekend (although that sure is another “nice” form of the resistance that has a strong hold of me for some days .this blog and those nice chats with you are in a way a big NoNo ;-D ).

                    If you are fascinated with the props and armour etc – do you have some of the art books of the movies then as well ? I´ve got most of them , for the LotR and the Hobbit) – those are fantastic and amazing, those guys at Weta are so talented, it´s beyond words.
                    At the HobbitCon they had some nice (fake-)prop-decorated rooms, as well as swords and daggers one could buy and of course many “walking costumes”, some perfectly made . There was one girl I was introduced to and talked to (one guy I met there knew her, he won the costume contest as a fierce dwarf warrior) was made up as Dwalin, and she really had shaved her head to be able to put those tattoos there in place… phew, what a dedication ;-).
                    That world sure is great for escapism but also fires up many people´s creativity which always is a good thing in my opinion, and it´s so nice that PJ and the Weta artists appreciate their fans, their dedication to the films & its cult and communicate + interact with them in a way I think is unique. If there is another HobbitCon next year I might go again ;-).

                    Hope you have a wonderful sunny weekend


                    1. Did you dress up as a Dwarf too? I KNOW YOU DID! ;-)
                      (This is a Lie – but it might be true.) ;-)
                      It is a good book to read and re-read. I have come back to it a bunch of times, and will often read small chunks of it. I think he really nailed it with this one.
                      I do not have any of the art books. I limit my geek out to repeated watchings of the extras whilst I am doing other stuff. I think one of the reasons I love the movies is almost the gratitude that I feel, in being let in to the process and stories of the makings of these films. I love when artists show ‘behind the curtain’ so to speak. My blog is my own version of this.
                      I may (or may not) have included a quote, (from a different film / book) in my next blog. You will have to wait and see ;-)
                      Hope your weekend is likewise, sunny, and fantastic,
                      Big hug,
                      – J


              2. It’s funny, pretty much everyone says they prefer the second one to the first, but it was after seeing the second which made me firmly decide that I hate them. I prefer the first one, by a mile. The first one feels like Middle Earth. The first one takes more care with the storyline, and respecting Tolkien’s work. The second film is just a disgrace. Dread to think what the third one is going to be like. I actually have the extended edition DVD for the first film (though I haven’t even watched it yet), but I refuse to buy the second and most third. At all. It’s funny really, ’cause very rarely am I so set against something.

                P.S. I hated the dragon scene more than anything.THAT COULD HAVE BEEN SO AMAZING AND THEY RUINED IT LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE.


                1. And who does Peter Jackson think he is, anyway? I love him for what he did with LotR, but with The Hobbit he’s just steered so far away the original works of Tolkien that it might as well not be based on The Hobbit at all. How could he respect LotR so well, yet totally massacre The Hobbit? He tried to make it his own, WHICH IS WRONG, because it is not his story to play with.


                2. Deep breath.
                  Deeeeeep breath.
                  Now, back away from the dragon. Baaaaack way up there.
                  You Ok? Ok.
                  I admire your passion and vitriol greatly. ;-) (This is Not Meant To Be Patronising).
                  I think you only get that reaction from anyone when it is something that you care about deeply. I agree most with your comment that LOTR seemed gritty and real. I saw the Mines of Moria scene the other day and was Fully Shocked at how different in tone and realism (realism? come on James, it’s an band of fantasy folk trapped in a Dwarf mine, being chased by Shadow and Flame), goddamn it Yes internal voice! Realism. I stand by my words.
                  Where was I? Oh yes.
                  I also agree with the fact that it is deep, congruent and truthful story, well portrayed that makes a film compelling for me.
                  And sometimes superheroes.
                  – J x


                  1. I don’t like it when I get like that, though. I can get far too fiery and passionate about certain things. Caring too much about something is a bit of a downfall at times.
                    Well, if you can make a fantasy seem real, surely that is the sign of brilliant writing and brilliant imagery, no? Realism is so the right word ;) Why should LotR not seem real? It is fabulous for blurred lines to occur with fantasy and reality.

                    I’m not really a fan of superhero films myself. Not averse to a good ole hero, though :P



                    1. No superheroes? How dare you. ;-p
                      Totally agree about the realism thing. That was one of my favourite pieces of the LOTR films. They felt more real than other fantasy. Except maybe Iron Man.
                      I, also, enjoy the vanilla hero movie.
                      – J x


            2. You know, I’ve never really thought about what makes a film “good” for me until I read your comment. I suppose my favourite films are actually ones that have a good storyline – or not necessarily ‘good’, but clever, detailed, deep and respect the original source (if applicable). With novels, you could have the best story in the world with the most dramatic plot twist and everything, but that would mean nothing to me if the characters were weak. But, with films, you don’t get the opportunity to know characters like you do in books, so the storyline is thus the most important thing.

              The Hobbit is still massively epic because of the fantasy world in which it is set.. but it is that reason alone. I appreciate it’s a children’s story really, and so the lighter, funnier an less epic factors of the film are understandable, but they just did it so… badly… It makes me cringe. The Hobbit is just so tacky, and the visuals, although stunning in their own right, look too false and forced, whereas in LotR it looked authentic and almost gritty. You could argue that reflects the lighter quality of The Hobbit films, but… to me, it’s just an excuse to use CGI, and I hate too much CGI. This is why I hate most modern films, because so many rely on visual effects as opposed to the quality of the screenplay/writing. Most films storylines these days are utter drivel.

              Also, as an author myself, my firm opinion on all original sources being respected is understandable. The Hobbit book, Middle Earth, and Tolkien were not respected in The Hobbit films, because otherwise we would not have totally fabricated sub-plots, scenes and characters, such as that unbelievably stupid love story between an elf (a made-up elf!) and a dwarf. What on earth was Peter Jackson thinking??!

              The Hobbit screenplay is detailed and deep, and cleverer than most films these days, so in theory I should like it, but it steered so far from its original source I just can’t. I’m sorry, but no. I understand that books and films are different forms of media and therefore some alteration is entirely necessary, but Jackson just massacred The Hobbit. I love him for what he did with LotR, but with The Hobbit he’s just steered so far away the original works of Tolkien that it might as well not be based on The Hobbit at all. How could he respect LotR so well, yet totally destroy The Hobbit? He tried to make it his own, WHICH IS WRONG, because it is not his story to play with.

              I totally wrote that last bit in another comment to James ;) Sorry for the essay, but yeah.. That’s my answer.



              1. Hi , I love essays, so don´t worry about that ;-). Oh yes, the made-up-elf-dwarf-love-story is hard to digest for a Tolkien purist and “keeper of the original story” , and I do admit I was a bit confused that some of the dwarves stayed in Laketown and Kili was ill. ..

                In this context a question arose: from your conversation with James I understood that both of you saw an upcoming love-story between Tauriel and Legolas, but wasn´t it Kili and Tauriel having a crush on another ?!?! or did I completely misinterpreted that ?!?! Or did she have an eye on both of them !? ;-) But to discuss this might maybe fire up your anger too much because, yes it is true, it is completely made up, as is the (I do love it) sleigh pulled by rabbits or Bifurs ax-in-the-head.

                I think the visual differences between the LotR and Hobbit have mainly to do with the 3 D filming technique, where every little detail is seen in a superextraspecialexposure so that it feels overwhelmingly “smooth” and sometmes maybe surreal, I read / saw in the making-of quite a bit about the challenges the makeup artists and prop- / costumemakers had to face with that superdetailled cameralenses – the eyes that see all ;-). Yes and a lot of CGI, that is true, PJ is an enthusiast for using always the newest technical possibilties, just like an eager 12 year old boy who wants absolutely the newest toy there is ;-) I would have loved to see what Guillermo del Torro would have made out of the movies, probably they would have been WAY darker , scaryier, less pretty – and probably completely without lovestories , but for sure with Martin Freeman as Bilbo ;-), all in all I found the Hobbit casting even more genius than for the LotR movies, I must say (which helped me swallow the bitter pill having no Aragorn in the story or the movies… ;-( )


                  1. oh really , you like his style? it would have been really completely different, I am sure. The whole movie “Pan´s Labyrinth” scared the hell out of me, what a sinister atmosphere and so gruesome images and creatures. Phew. But I found the creatures and humour in “Hell´s Boy” quite fun and cool and really unique, and hey there was an unlikely lovestory in it so maybe he would have added one in the Hobbit movies as well ;-).
                    With my creaturemaker´s eye I might see Fantasy movies with a certain “tunnel vision” anyway and wonder about why some characters /creatures look or/and act like they do, f.i. have you noticed that Bolg absolutely looks like a cave troll? I get even more mixed feelings about Azog than I would like to have anyway as that implies another untold unlikely “love”-story one probably should not really think about any further (chuckle) ;-)

                    All in all there shoud have been / should be more woman-superheroine-action in all the 6 movies, that is for sure. I just decided that in MY fantasy realm and storyline this will be different, more female power, YES !! ;-)


                1. I wouldn’t even consider myself a Tolkien ‘purist’, because I don’t mind the slight alterations from the book in LotR, but the key word there is SLIGHT. The Hobbit is not a slight alteration, it is just a completely different story, which is where my issue lies. So much in the second film confused me. I couldn’t believe how little they had with Beorn, either. They add two hours worth of stuff which isn’t even in the story, yet they have the moment with Beorn like not even five minutes long??

                  I think you misinterpreted the Legolas/Tauriel thing from what James and I were saying :P What I got from the film was a bit of the classic love triangle going on: Legolas has a thing for Tauriel and hates dwarves/Kili (as elves typically do), but Tauriel has a bit of a thing for Kili, as Kili does for her. All pretty silly, really. Could dwarves and elves even reproduce?? In fact, it’s such a stupid storyline I’m actually laughing at it right now, as opposed to getting angry. This isn’t a reason for me disliking The Hobbit, but I was sat there during the film thinking.. ‘Legolas with a love interest?? This just seems wrong in every way. Legolas can’t have a love interest, that’s not Legolas’. Haha, no idea why I feel this has to be so, ’cause really, why can’t Legolas have a love interest? I just found it rather odd to think about.

                  Yeeaaahh, I don’t like that 3D technology thing. It looks so fake. I just hate it. There’s nothing wrong with using CGI – Jackson used it so well in LotR with the latest technology at the time – but he used it in reason, which is why it works. The Hobbit was basically all green screen, and I just think that’s a great shame with modern films, because we have such other wonderful technology and techniques to use, too!
                  The Hobbit could have indeed been quite dark with a different director, but then that would have gone against the children’s story that it is. Either way, people could complain. Maybe The Hobbit should have been left as a book and nothing more… Some stories just aren’t right in another media form. I think Tolkien is turning in his grave about these latest films. I would be, were I him.

                  Oh, the casting is wonderful in The Hobbit films, as is the acting! It’s just the story itself, and the visuals! There was actually only one moment I properly smiled while watching the second film, and that was at the moment between Legolas and Gloin.

                  Legolas in the films doesn’t bother me because he’s an actual character of Tolkien’s, and I see his involvement more of a character development storyline, which is cool, it’s just everything else!! As I’ve said.

                  Haha, ooh Aragorn. A popular guy ;) I’ve always prefered Faramir as a character, though.

                  All this talk of The Hobbit and LotR makes me want a LotR marathon again…. As a friend of mine once said: “If you can’t accurately remember when you last watched LotR, it’s time to watch LotR again.” Wise words.


                  1. ;-)) yes, that´s what I had been doing the last days, re-watching the LotR movies, maybe that´s why I so jumped at the reference , as it was exactly that part of the movie I just had seen so OF COURSE I knew the line / reference ;-).

                    All in all I think the stories and flms are so rich that there is something enjoyable for everyone who has a love for a Fantasy world with interesting characters and scenery, good and evil, a bit of love tragic or untold, and I completely follow your reasoning for why you like some parts and why you don´t, hey and I think you and me – all in all – are at the same geek-level ;-)))) I fear I am probably worse, though, hehehe ;-). I even have a cooking book from “the Shire”, no joking, got it as a present some time ago, love it ;-)
                    Too bad the HobbitCon would have been quite a travel for you , I think you might have enjoyed it, there were different panels for several topics and you could have talked to Royd Tolkien, the greatgrandson of Tolkien, nice outgoing bloke, lives in Wales (good choice!) and works as a Music Manager and Producer. And of course the actors, they were hilarious ;-)
                    Yeah the dwarf-elf-thing or/and triangle-elf-elf-dwarf, ok yes I misinterpreted you and James, but apropos (re-)produce, I just sent off my comment to James a minute ago mentioning I noticed that Bolg absolutely looked like a cave troll which implies something very disturbing concerning Azog ;-D . You are right ,the scene with Legolas and Gloin is wonderful, one of my favorites as well ;-) And I am glad you now are in laughing-mode and not in anger-fury-mode about the Hobbit ;-))
                    Let´s see what reference James will “hide” in his next blogpost, I am sure the two of us will find it faster than he can write *mic drop* ;-D


                    1. Haha, well hey, any level of LotR geek unite together ;) Wow, you do sound like quite the fan, though! HobbitCon, goodness, I can’t be that much of a fan given I’ve never actually heard of this ? Or is this one purely for The Hobbit films? Maybe one day I’ll pop along to one, who knows :P My father always used to say I could have been a Hobbit child in the LotR films, because they all have curly has (I have curly hair). Clearly, I was born to be a Hobbit.
                      Ha! Hmmm, I’m not sure I want to think too deeply into any given intimacy between orcs/cave trolls! Deary me, perish the thought completely.
                      Well, I’m sure together we could sniff out any LotR reference James decides to make ;)


      2. The ONLY one?! :o
        It’s ’cause I’m such a geek for that story, and could quite easily quote the entire scripts of the films..
        I shall keep it on a chain around my neck, dear WIZARD ;) Or just in my pocket, whichever.

        Pssssttt, I’m finally get around to replying to your email! x


        1. Totally the only one. ;-)
          I think I’m probably the same.
          Weirdly I could probably quote most of the special features as well…
          Tell no one. Yeti. NO ONE!!!


          1. Haha, I’M EXACTLY THE SAME. Oh wow, we are just too cool.

            What are your opinions on The Hobbit films..? For me, this is a rather distressing matter.

            Just sent the email ;) Anticipate no longer!



            1. *stops anticipating*
              Seriously? About the extras too? ;-) My word.
              The hobbit films are a weird one. I just view them as kinda sightseeing in the same universe. But I did watch one of the LOTR films the other day and was struck by how much of a better film it is (in terms of story etc)…
              What is your take?
              Will now read and digest email.
              – J x


              1. Indeed. I don’t think people quite appreciate just how much of a LotR geek I am. Maybe I just don’t look like one ;)
                Oohh, I hate The Hobbit films. Truly, truly hate. Which breaks my heart ’cause I love the LotR ones so much. THEY ARE AMAZING. It is such a shame. They’ve just butchered the story, and it’s awful. And too CGI focused, which I also hate in films. I just hate everything about them :( *sniffles*

                But you know, I’ll just watch the LotR trilogy for the rest of my life and all will be well.


                1. Oh No! :-(
                  Hate is a really strong word, Yeti of the Clan Yeti from Yetiville…
                  I read the Hobbit for the first time when I was about 7(?) I think. Then a bunch of times after that, but the intelligent thing I did before the films came out was to decide NOT to read the book and refresh my memory, so I could just enjoy the spectacle. I feel that, if the book was fresh in my mind I may be all like: ‘What? A dwarf healed and falling in love with a shiny elf? Legolas? What?’ etc etc.
                  But I guess the question is, will you be going to see the Battle Of Five Armies, as it is now being called?
                  *hands tissue for sniffles*,
                  – J x


                  1. Hate is a strong word, yet alas, it is so. I do hate them *blows nose in tissue*
                    That was wise. I had the book quite fresh in my mind.. Though, actually, even if the story wasn’t fresh in my mind, I’d probably still not like it very much, ’cause it’s just awful.
                    Ugh, don’t even talk about the stupid love story between elf and dwarf -_- And, as much as I love Legolas, he does not belong in The Hobbit. It is all so stupid. Stupidstupidstupid.
                    I don’t know if I’m going to see it or not. I don’t want to, but can I see two and not the last one.. ? Hmmm x


                    1. You see? That’s how they get you!
                      And that is why they have made 1 bajillion-million dollars. ;-)
                      I know what you mean. I do thing there are some good things tho. I liked the spiders in Mirkwood, and I found some parts of Martin Freeman’s work to be really special.
                      I will send you a link today to something you will like. Nice to hear from you, hobbit-hating Yeti Grrl, ;-)
                      – J x
                      P.S. (you are totally going to see the last one, don’t deny it!) ;-p


                    2. Haha, I will let you know if you I do end up seeing it! I saw the first two with a friend… But I have since moved away from him so I’m not sure what would happen this Christmas. Hmm. Maybe I should ask him.
                      Oh, I LOVE Martin Freeman, and I think he plays Bilbo so amazingly well. Shame the story itself has been ruined by the director and screen-writing. Oh, it breaks my heart, it truly does </3 Because the LotR trilogy is a TRUE MASTERPIECE. :'(



                    3. This emoticon is TRAGIC.
                      This one is better. ;-)
                      Oh, the harshness of the criticism of the Jackson team for the hobbit, coupled with the praise for the LOTR. The Yeti giveth, and she taketh awayeth. (I just made myself giggle with ‘awayeth’)
                      Big hug,
                      – J x


  4. Hi James, sounds like you are in a very good and fulfilling “production mode”, I am happy for you how much you seem to enjoy what you do and how you do it, it´s always inspiring to read your posts and see what you´re up to ;-). Sure am very interested to listen to you demo and new album when you feel it´s ready to be “out there”.


    1. Hey there beautiful Cris, ;-)
      Thankyou so much, I love getting little notes from you.
      Do not fear, there will be Newness to listen to soon (But this is a SECRET, so tell NO-ONE, ok?) ;-)
      Big hug to you, sculptress,
      – J


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