Balance: Art / Business / Life

I am an independent artist.  What this means in real terms is that I do everything myself.  So one of the questions I get asked most frequently is: how do I balance everything?  (‘Everything’ meaning:  Art / Business / Life).

It’s a good question…


For me, Art comes first. (Naturally 😉 )

I mean: actually doing art comes first.  Making things.  Digging thru the mud.  Getting my hands dirty.  Diving deep into the morass of crazy, messy, iterations that make up the bones of what I do.  This is key.  Because it’s my centre.  It’s where everything else comes from and it’s what I love best.  It’s the bullseye.

State of mind is key.  If I wait until late in the day, my head fills up with thoughts, desires, and tasks that demand attention.  There are endless pulls from the internet, mails that have to be answered, errands to be run.  If I sit down to make art with a brain like a tornado, the practice will, as a rule, be shallower than if I do it from a clear place.  So it happens first.  Everyday.  Which is awesome for so many reasons.  Not least of which is, that it’s as pleasurable as waking up and rolling into a river of molten chocolate, without the inevitable black demon sugar crash.

So: Art #1.

Next comes the ‘business’ side of what I do.

One of the things you should know is: I don’t generally do things that I don’t have any interest in.  (This is not to be confused with ‘I don’t like working hard’, or ‘I don’t like being uncomfortable’, because I enjoy both those things.  I like working hard, and I think that in order to grow, you HAVE to be uncomfortable.  So I like that too.)  How can I justify this approach?  Well…

In my life, the 2 things that I love to do more than anything else are:

Making Art from that place, and

Connecting as truthfully and as deeply as I can with people.

(Also, I like coffee.  But not as much as the first 2 things.)

(Actually, y’know what?  Hold on.  Let’s say: Making art + Coffee and Connecting with people + Coffee).  Ok.  Better.  Moving on.

So, you can see from this, that I am eminently suitable for the job of independent artist.  Make a good thing.  Connect with people.  Give people the good thing, and talk about the good thing with other people.  Rinse and repeat.  In a nutshell, that is my life, and it’s the best life I can think of.  Which brings me to a Point of Much Importance.

Personally, I don’t think that you should have to do anything that you are not naturally drawn to in order to be ‘successful’.  (Oh! the controversy!  You could cut it!).  What you actually have to do is closer to: working out what kind of peg you are, and then finding the right hole.  (And if you can’t find the right hole, then you can always grab a hammer and make your own. 😉 )

That’s the Business.

Finally, we come to the ‘Life’ part of the equation.  This one is super easy because, outside of my work, I don’t really have one.

*Cue: tragic sound of violins*

(or NOT) 😉

Sounds bad right?  Until you consider that my ‘Job’ is essentially doing the 2 things that I love most.  All the time.  Everyday, everyday. 😉  In fact, if you made me stop doing those things and somehow forced ‘time off’ on me, (you can pry my guitar from my cold, dead fingers, etc etc), I would pace my unhappy monkey cage until you let me do music again.  So, what I do for a living is my life.  Nil Balancing needed.  Done.  (mic drop).

In the final reckoning, it is my contention that: people do not have to work jobs that they hate.  If everyone started doing solely what they love tomorrow, and focused on creating massive value for others thru that, then there would be total chaos…

…At first. 😉  But then things would start to iron themselves out.  Why?  Because, in our hearts, we all want to do different things.  How could it be otherwise?  We are an endless united spectrum of diversity.  There are people who want to be doctors and nurses; there are people who enjoy cleaning things; there are people who love farming and growing good food; and there are people who find great satisfaction selling that food to others.  When you get right down to it, there are people that love to do almost anything.  The lie that: in order make a living, you have to spend a vast chunk of your life doing something you hate, is bullshit of the first order.  The truth is: if you are providing massive value to others with whatever it is that you are doing, then there will be a place for whatever it is you love to do.  You will find your own balance naturally.

And the world will be shinier for it.


In other News:  What Actually Happened This Week:

I did music.  A lot.  I demoed of a bunch of tracks that I am thinking of recording for my next release.  I got deep into writing some other stuff.  I did some teaching, and I played a lot of piano.  I mused about starting an electric blues side project.  I also made significant inroads towards upgrading my entire studio.  (‘Course, until then, it’s still quilts on the walls in the middle of the night….)


Albums were sold.  Connections were made.  Conversations were started.  And much love ensued.

My name is James Radcliffe and I am a 100% audience supported independent artist.  If you like what I do (and can afford it) then please consider buying some of my music.  Each purchase really makes a big difference to me and 10% of every sale goes to a charity which: houses, feeds, clothes, and educates orphaned children in Nepal.

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    1. Hey there,
      I am glad that you got something from the article. It’s a topic which seems to stymy a lot of artists, especially up and coming ones.
      Really nice to meet you,
      Have a great day,
      – J

  1. finding what to balance for your life is a great task (I think) and I believe when you have found it, you’ll enjoy every second of your life.

    1. Indeed. 😉 I think it’s super-important to identify the things that are truly important and prioritize them. You are right, when you have done this, you will enjoy life a lot more. 😉
      Glad you stopped by, be well,
      – J

  2. Hi James, I wanted to thank you for liking my post on Proverbs. I also enjoyed this post you did – the balance of it all. I truly agree there is something in us, we are truly called to do and we can live freely and with joy doing it – we don’ t have to “work” a job we hate. I truly enjoy the freedom you have in expressing yourself through your art.

    1. Hey there again,
      It is really nice to connect with you. Your beautiful comment made me smile. 😉
      It is true, I believe that we can all do something that we love and that is worthy and adds value to the world – I also feel that this is one of the truly important things in life.
      Great to speak to you, have a beautiful day,
      – J

    1. Thankyou, that’s beautiful of you to say. 😉
      I like a quote from Zoe Keating who said:
      “If they won’t let you in the door, build your own house.” 😉
      Hope you are well,
      – J

            1. Tres sexy 😉
              I think it’s cool, have you seen the documentary about folk who live in spaces like this? It’s called something like ‘the tiny house people’…
              – J
              P.S. Good luck with it 😉

              1. Whooooo thank you so very muchy! I need all the documentaries and information I can get about this. That’s how I learn and grow, and seeing that others have done it before makes it feel less impossible.

                By the way, you seem like someone who my blog readers would also like. Would you be interested in being interviewed as part of my Along the Way series?

                Link is on my site under “Blog With Me”

                1. Happy to help 😉
                  I looked it up for you. It’s actually called ‘We are the Tiny House people’ – You can find it on Youtube – pretty fascinating stuff.
                  I’d be very happy to be interviewed for your site – just let me know what you’d like me to do.
                  Hope your day is going well,
                  – J

  3. Great post ! So glad I found your blog. Finding a balance it’s not easy. But if you manage to do something that you really love and build a life around it …then things will get easier.

    1. This is so true. I am glad you liked it my friend.
      At the risk of sounding too much like a woo-peddler, the Love is the key thing I feel. 😉
      I am glad to meet you, and wish you very much of the wellness,
      – J

  4. Balance of Art & Life~ a topic that definitely interests me. I enjoyed my first visit to your blog and enjoyed your writing style, as well. Thanks for visiting my blog, part of my leap to hopefully make the world “shinier” 🙂 Cheers!

  5. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on your creative life. I moved to WV to simplify my life and to write and paint as long as I can. Although great sacrifices were made, primarily being far from my adult kids, I’ve never been happier or more creative. Thanks so much for your visit and the like. I’ve enjoyed this blog post and my first visit to your blog!

    1. First, sorry for the late reply, I am just back from some time away.
      Second, thanks so much for your beautiful and well-considered words. I am really glad that you are doing the thing (I assume) that you love. I hope it brings you all happiness.
      Be well, and Keep Going,
      – J

  6. Totally great post. Although I am sooo jealous. At the moment I make about £10 a month from writing but its what I really want to do. I am not going to stop. It’s what drives me. I have a great life/art/work balance and I am really happy – except I need a bit more cash!

  7. Thanks for “liking” my last post James. I really enjoyed reading this one of yours and love how wildly creative you are:))

  8. What a great post! Hey, and thank you for your support on my little slice of the WordPress universe! I am zeroing in on being a fully independent artist. This last year has shown me it is not only do-able, it is vital to my continued well being. Thank you for the reminder!

  9. Hey James,

    You know the saying “when the student is ready the teacher appears”? Well, thanks so much for what you are teaching. The art of being true to our creative selves. What could be better??

    I only recently started writing again having stuffed my passion away for FAR to long. I was always searching for it and felt empty something wicked without it. And it is rocking my world with good vibes now! It feels like home.

    And I’m so thankful you stopped by because now I know the student is ready 🙂

    Thank you from my heart!!!

    Peace ~ Allison

    1. Hey Allison,
      Really glad to hear that. 😉
      Anytime when you are connecting with something you love is a good time, I am totally happy for you, well done!
      Thanks as well for the message, it is really nice to hear from you,
      I hope you are having a great day, be well,
      – J

  10. Hi there, yes the dog-walking is great as one learns how to best handle diff. types of dogs and improve one´s leadership skills, especially considering the area I walk them with “the big 5” of mid-west-Germany deer-rabbit-sheep-pheasant-duck always present 😉 . If you have a young excited dog on your leash with strong hunting urges you sure should know what to do ;-). Does your cat bring you deadish mousy “presents” from time to time?

    1. I am actually fascinated by dog training. I saw a clip of the “Dog Whisperer’ guy and thought it looked incredible.
      My cat is a feral rescue cat, but I think she has become confused by the indoor life. She brought a mouse home to me once, but she was just holding in her mouth. When she dropped it, it ran away, completely unharmed – bless. 😉
      – J

      1. ah interesting that you admire Cesar Milan as well, I do too (even though here in Germany he is quite critized as too brutal) … can you believe he is about 155 m tall and has such an amazing aura of authority and at the same time radiates kindness and warmt (in my opinion), I find that so impressive …his life story is very interesting and inspiring, he is quite spiritual in his thinking, at the same time very down-to-earth (especially when dealing with traumatised and dangerous pit bulls…). I really had to laugh about your cat´s lost killing instincts, we had a dog at home with much the same lapse, he once caught a pheasant in the garden and proudly brought it to the door step – and then got so confused by my fathers shouting he let it go ! Too bad, would have been tasty, eh? ,-)) I think there is no famous dog whisperer in GB, is there? We have one in Gemany who is really a fun and capable guy called Martin Rütter, the US has Cesar Milan, is there one in GB, do you know? “The British” have bit of a reputation to very much spoil their pets …;-)

        1. I had no idea that he was considered ‘brutal’ – what does he do to them?
          I have only seen the one clip of him so I am not familiar with his methods…
          Do the British spoil their pets? I have not heard that 😉 It may be true tho…
          Hope your day is going well,
          – J

  11. Thanks James,

    Really timely message and helps get me recentered on my own creative/business endeavors. As I opened my WP reader my energy was low and I was feeling overwhelmed by all the things I felt I “had” to do with my blog. Many of these things are technical and outside of my expertise. I was feeling like the blog was a job and pressured my self to do it the “right” way. The result is that I think the blog is fragmented and not reflecting my personal interests and inspiration. I have come to think of it as a “marketing tool and lost sight on the excitement of connecting and creating. Your post helped me to refocus on the fact that there is not really any such thing as work life balance but rather integration. The post is especially timely given recent HBR articles on the same subject

    Coincidentally I just checked out a book at the library that cites the success of the founder of Cirque du Soleil to be an unique abillity to maintain artistic vision while “following the money”. Maybe a seeming contradiction but not if one sees money not as a final goal but as an indicator of creating meaning with and for others.

    Thanks again for helping me refocus on what is fun for me in the process of developing this creative collaborative venture.

    1. Hey there,
      thanks so much for your comment, I really appreciate it. I am super glad that you got something from the blog, that’s what I live for, so thankyou.
      It is a challenge to stay centred and even remember your priorities, let alone act on them, isn’t it? But I’ve found that it gets easier and easier over time.
      That book sounds really interesting, do you mind if I ask what the title is? Sounds like one for the reading pile! 😉
      And thanks for reblogging my thing, that’s just nice. 😉
      Hope you are well my friend,
      Have a great day,
      – J

  12. Jesus that was a long scroll down! But it just shows how awesome you are and how many people resonate with what you say!

    I’m jealous (yesyes, bad choice of word but bear with me) that your job is your life. I really hope to find that one day, and not have to “come home” because my job will be my life and it will be my home. I could go way more into depth right now about connecting with people and whatnot but I haven’t blogged for awhile so my writing skills are a bit rusty. But know that I agree with every single word you say.

    1. Hey there, 😉
      First, really nice to hear from, I enjoyed this, and thanks for the Kudos 😉 – I appreciate it massively.
      So, what is your ideal job / life situation? I’m totally curious. If I can help in any way then let me know.
      Hope you are well,
      – J
      P.S. Your writing seemed awesome, and definitely not rusty.

      1. Hey James!
        Thanks for the reply:)
        Oh my ideal job.. I’m graduating in July and have no idea what I want to do. Life situation? I don’t even know how to put that into words. It’s hard to type out here. Shit is hard but I’m trying to pull through. Haven’t been writing much about my life because I don’t feel negativity dotes well with this community so I do it through quotes and stuff (as you can see on my blog).
        Thanks for asking though. I really appreciate it.

  13. Pointless observation/comment: you handwritten S’s look like my handwritten K’s.

    I agree with what you say here. People should just do what they love, right? Then we’d all be happyhappy. Who is it that tells us lies by saying this is not practical or sensible or realistic? Glad you’re well. Keep musicking 😉

    1. I AM well. Did you not get my email saying so? Or maybe you did, judging by the way you have spelt ‘musicking’.
      You need to send me pictures of your K’s. I am curious and CURIOSITY MUST BE SATED!!!
      Really nice to hear from you, hope all is goooooooooooooooooooooooood.
      – J x

      1. I did get your email, yes indeeeed. I’ve just been away from the computer a lot recently so it may take me a while to reply. But I am here today, so I might get round to it. I shall write a sentence with lots of k’s and show you.

        SPEAK SOON x

  14. ah James, you speak from my heart!! I am so stuck in the process of finding the right balance for myself in art and business and the idea “one maybe has to work in some stupid job to be able to pay the bills”…all chaos here, to be honest, so here we are with the need to learn how to meditate and get some peace to be able to see and feel the right decisions developping…
    Glad to have met you, great blog, glad you stopped by my blog and liking some stuff I made 😉

    1. That’s very cool.
      Meditation is the answer! (Well, an answer anyway) 😉
      You are most welcome for the liking, which I did, and thankyou in return for the words. Which I also like.
      Keep going, keep trying, and keep working – everything else will come thru the work.
      Hope you are well,
      – J

      1. Hi , glad my comment came through, it seemed like wordpress swallowed it 🙂 In Germany, we currently have an interesting discussion going on: everybody should get a lifelong base financial support funded through government to be able to really follow their professional interest and not compromise with a depressing Job to be able to survive…I find that very inspiring and visionary, what do you think? Hope I live to see if that comes through , eh 😉 Have a great evening, talk to you soon hopefully

        1. Wow! That would be something to see for sure! I would very much like to see how that turned out.
          I think that, personally, it would be good on the one hand, but, for myself, the struggles that I have gone thru in order to get to the place where I am making my art and making a living from it, have been vital for my growth as a person and as an artist. I am not sure what would have happened if I had been funded my whole life…
          Then again, maybe it would have been awesome, who knows? 😉
          I will definitely look into this. Thankyou for bringing it to my attention,
          How do you feel about it?
          Hope you have a great day,
          – J

          1. Hi, I am a bit ambivalent as well, I must admit that, but for me personally right now that sure would be helpful since I feel terrible as it seems I have to work in a field I worked for years and for good reasons quit it (although I don´t find a Job at all in that area at the moment which also might be a big sign from above?!) ..but I also know I am the one who puts most pressure on myself ;-). Everybody I talked to so far told me I am one the right track and need some more patience (yuck!) because of course the more you press yourself the more you are blinded and don´t see alternatives. I recently stopped taking guitar lessons and singing because I don´t get my head and heart into it right now (I can image what your reply to this will be;-) ) … what do you do in doubt, do you talk to friends or just work it out by yourself?

            1. It is a tough balance to be sure. There is definitely a need for both discipline and freedom.
              Personally, I just work it out myself, that’s just the fastest way for me. But I absolutely have had help from other people, emotional, financial, the whole thing. So I think that, while it’s important to deal with your own hardships, it is also priceless to have a group of people that you really care for and can mutually support.
              Hope that helps, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask. 😉
              I wish you well,
              – J

              1. Hi James, thanks for your reply. Yes that´s what I usually do as well, think and feel things through by myself and then let it circulate inside…and sometime afterwards a clear decision pops up that feels completely right…and sometimes there still is a blank ;-). In doubt and struggle, I find asking for and accepting help and support without sentiment a challenge sometime. Have you ever felt that opinions of people you very much care for or you admire, might influence you in a way that drags you off your own personal track without being aware of? This vage feeling “hm whose opinion is this, my personal heart felt opinion or something I only think of as my opinion”? What do you do to get your head free from everything and just purely enjoy life and maybe keep the inner child awake, is that solely music for you? I for example love to be with dogs and play around foolishly with them, they so live and love the moment and accept you completley, I think that is very healing 😉

                1. Dogs are very cool! 😉
                  I went on a walk with a dog in the sun 2 days ago and it was incredible. I have a cat – which is a different kind of love, but still super-cool.
                  To answer your question, I usually meditate. And I work out physically. Those 2 things coupled with creating stuff, keep me uber centred. I think, probably, meditation is the key thing for me. I find that, when My mind is very still, the correct answers are obvious and clear. This is just my way tho.
                  As for other people’s opinions, not really. I am, on the one hand, as stubborn as a very stubborn donkey, but, more importantly, I’ve surrounded myself with people who really believe in what I do. My closest friends and relationships believe in my 100%, which is, pretty much, the most amazing blessing in my life.
                  I like speaking to you very much. Hope you are well,
                  – J

                  1. Hi, yes I enjoy this conversation very much as well, and thank you for your indepth reply. Glad to hear you have found such a good support base of friends and family, that really is worth a lot. And ( I feel ) not so easy to find and keep nowadays. Most people I´m in contact with fill their lives with so much activity that a friendship can barely be kept alive, at least the way I feel it should be. Good that you found out what works for you concerning shutting down your mind and therefore opening it, and yes I agree that working out is a great way to put off steem ( I recently thought about taking boxing lessons, hitting a big sack of sand must be very satisfying, no kidding) . My experience is that there are diff. kinds of stress that need diff.kind of relase so is good to have a variety of stress releasing skills 😉 . Ah a cat lover who likes dogs as well, thats nice ,-) I don´t have a dog of my own but take shelterdogs for walks every weekend and love it (and seriously fell in love twice so far. One love is gone and found a nice home, my other love is still there waiting for me every Saturday with fluffy ears and a big black nose 😉 ). Hope you are well too, would love to continue chat in a nice pub in Edingburgh ,-)), must be a wonderful city with great atmosphere, are you from there originally?

                    1. I was born on the south coast of England, so not from Edinburgh – I’ve been here for the last 6 – 7 years tho, it is a very beautiful city. 😉
                      I totally agree about the stress releasing skills 😉 And about the fact that real friends and family are priceless.
                      Walking your dogs sounds COOL. 😉
                      – J

    1. That is soooo sweet of you to say, Heather Grace Stewart. (You have a very cool name.)
      I am impressed with the poetry. In our time, poetry really is a labor of love, so well done, it’s good to keep digging.
      If you listen to the music, I’d love to get your thoughts on it.
      Hope you are well, Heather Grace Stewart.
      – J x

  15. Great post. It answered a question I asked myself today. Write first. Other things second. Can’t always be done, but it works.

    I particularly liked the imagery “that it’s as pleasurable as waking up and rolling into a river of molten chocolate, without the inevitable black demon sugar crash.”

    And, do you really think there are people who actually ENJOY cleaning???

  16. Hi, James. I just stopped by to say thank you to you for liking my article I wrote for The Talking Violin, regarding cellphones and planes. Your support really meant a lot to me. xxoo, Amy

          1. (((HUGS))) There you go, you just got more. Everyone needs hugs, and I sincerely mean that!!! Have a great night!! I am off to read poetry. And fall asleep with music in my heart … xxoo

              1. This society shuns hugs. This is one reason why I give (((HUGS))). We all need them to feel loved and nurtured. I am so happy you slept well. This makes my heart sing!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

  17. What a brilliant post! I agree. I so heartily agree. And wouldn’t the world be fantastic for it, if only humans realized they could follow their dreams and live and love the way they want.

    All I can say is, thank goodness some DO. Where the heart is, the treasure is. Art, writing, music. One has to feel it.

    Cheers to you, mate. 😀

  18. At the risk of being repetetetetive, I toss my Well Said! onto the heap. This resonates so, so much for me. It is very validating to read it because I have only just come to these conclusions and (more importantly) begun to act from my newfound place of self-certainty. What I am doing is right because I am doing what I need to be doing. There is no such thing as taking a break from who I am.

    1. That is really good to hear.
      I’m glad you identified with it. I think pretty much all independents wrestle with this at some point.
      Well done for doing what you are doing right now,
      best wishes,
      – J

  19. I’ll be reblogging this, too! Beautiful way of just telling it how it is.

    I was listening to a spoken word by Daniel White who talks about the “three marriages” we have: with one’s self, another person and career. I truly believe people should have a healthy relationship with their career, and from my experience, the current way organizations work rarely allow for this.

    I’m still trying to figure out how to bring this mentality to the corporate world (or if it’s even possible)…before writing it off and just doing my business full-time.

    Thanks again for sharing!

    1. Thankyou so much, that’s really cool. 😉
      I know what you mean about the corporate world. There are some companies (Google, Patagonia etc) that seem to be heading the right way, but it is a rare thing so far…
      I like your storybook affirmations… 😉
      – J

  20. It’s wonderful that you’ve achieved such a healthy balance. Having just graduated from college, I am currently battling to find such balance. I’m the sort of person that could and would like to do a million things at once, so long as I am being creative and doing something I feel worthwhile. It drains me when I do mindless tasks, but at the same time, I’m the newbie in any workplace, making me bottom-of-the-totem-pole. I suppose I’ll have to keep reminding myself such jobs are a stepping stone until I can actually find work I love and that pays the bills. But art sustains me in the meanwhile since creating something that speaks to others is its own reward. I love that you’re sharing your passion with the world through your music. It’s inspiring on multiple levels. =)

    1. Wow, that’s really lovely of you to say.
      It sounds like you’re already on the path, so to speak. I think that, if you are conscious of looking around and trying to achieve that balance, it’s the perfect first step. I definitely took me a while and I’m still a work in progress, but I am getting better at both: keeping the plates spinning AND knowing which plates are important. 😉
      Really nice to get your message, hope you have a great day,
      – J

  21. When people talk to me about balancing work and life, I want to shake my head very sadly. You are alive when you’re working, therefore, it’s not work life balance. It’s the job you’re paid for versus everything else. Sometimes we need to take something we don’t like for a season, but the idea that I need to come to terms with it and learn to ‘balance’ is something I just can’t reconcile in my head. I loved what you said towards the end. We would all be better off if people did what they loved.

    Now balancing ‘business/connecting with people” and “production/art” that’s something I wish I’d gotten into my head years ago! We need more conversation about that, making ‘passions’ viable as vocations. Good post. Thanks!

    1. Thanks a lot Ciara,
      You are right, of course, about the work/life balance. I think it’s hard to really see it clearly unless you’ve actually sat down and thought it thru, and a lot of folk are just caught up in the whirlwind.
      Anytime you fancy more conversation about: Business/connection and art/production, you know where I am. 😉
      Have a great day,
      – J

  22. Best Line: “The lie that: in order make a living, you have to spend a vast chunk of your life doing something you hate, is bullshit of the first order.” I am glad and find joy knowing that you are doing what you love to do.

  23. Well if one is in a very tired state making coffee could very well be an art form 😉 I really do enjoy my 9-5 type job, of course I would love to be writing all day instead. So when I am not working that job I spend all my free time doing what I love 100% and I actually get crap from people saying that I need time to relax. And as you mentioned if you love what you do you then it’s hard to pull away from it for any type of break. Another great post 🙂

    1. Hey there, 😉
      Thanks so much, I completely understand the whole ‘you need time to relax.’ – ‘what do you mean? THIS is how I relax’ thing.
      (Making coffee is SO an art form) 😉
      Bug love,
      – J

  24. Your statement about trying to focus when your mind is like a tornado resonates with me… if I do not do the “important” stuff first thing, then it gets muddied and is not my best work. =) For me right now, I am in a season of guiding my foxling thru the high school and college process, and am enjoying myself so much ! At times I wish I did not also feel the need to focus on my own future right now, because this work with her is so satisfying… maybe I should be an admissions counselor instead of pursuing that MSN degree ?! =)

    Have a lovely weekend, and here’s to living your passion ! =)

    1. Totally agree about the mind thing. I also find that, if I do the important stuff first, the whole rest of the day is just Better.
      Guiding someone thru their own process is worthy work, well done you 😉
      Hope your weekend is filled with awesome.
      – J

  25. Your post is timely for me. I run social media for clients. I have a new client in Germany who is an artist and does commissioned portraits in oil. She feels the business side detracts from her creativity, so this is where I come in. She hates computers (other than her Mac) and wants me to run all her sites. You’ve given me a bit of an insight that is much appreciated. Thanks.

  26. Thank you for inspiring us James. I was just thinking before I landed on your blog, about balancing work and life, yet enjoying them both…which is a challenge to many.. if one is lucky they will be working in a job they love and contributing to their happiness and abundance..
    Good Luck with your art, music, and business

  27. It is a nice gift, when we are able to live out our dreams and make them for living too. This is not easy and demand hard work. I’m happy, that you are able to follow your dreams.

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