This week has passed in a bit of a blur… 

I have just recovered from a cold, which rendered me temporarily unable to sing, so I have been concentrating on instrumental tracks.  I cut one of these together earlier in the week.  It is called ‘Ocean’.  When I heard it thru for the first time, I thought: ‘no-one else in the world could have written that‘.  It is totally truthful, totally unusual and completely mine.  For better or worse, you will have heard nothing like it.

Now I am all the way better, I am jonesing to lay down some vocals on these tracks; which is really the most fun you can have with your clothes on…

That said, I have on occasion recorded naked. ;-)

When I sing I don’t like to use headphones.  I feel they create a barrier between me and the music.  I like to live inside the little worlds I have created for myself.  So I set everything up beforehand; the space, the studio, and my little cage of microphones.  Then I sit and centre myself.  When I am ready, I play the pieces thru my studio speakers and capture whatever voice naturally happens.  It is a very simple setup.

A local filmmaker came over to the studio to interview me.  I had no idea how it was going to go.

Being Interviewed in Studio
Being Interviewed in Studio

It turned out to be an absolute joy.  I didn’t for one minute feel like I was being filmed or interviewed.  It was more like: a really good and deep long form conversation.  The footage is going to be cut together with some of my music, and will be posted here, sometime…

I definitely have more of an idea than most of what this album will sound like, but do not disbelieve me when I tell you that: I still don’t know for certain.  And that’s a good thing. ;-)

Part of what keeps the process alive for me is: constantly remaining open to the music and following wherever it wants to go.  As soon as I try and direct it, the process becomes inert and lifeless.  What this means is: even in these last 3 weeks, a lot can change.

All that said, when this music is released, it wont belong to me anymore.  I really feel that.  It will belong to whoever is listening to it.  It will belong to whoever has love for it in the moment.

It will belong to you.

[19 Days Till Release] ;-)

My name is James Radcliffe and I am a 100% audience supported independent artist.  If you like what I do (and can afford it) then please consider buying some of my music.  Each purchase really makes a big difference to me and 10% of every sale goes to a charity which: houses, feeds, clothes, and educates orphaned children in Nepal.

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65 thoughts on “ Update and News: ”

  1. “I like to live inside the little worlds I have created for myself.” I can very much relate to this. The creative process is so personal, but I think it’s that personal connection the artist has with his or her work that makes the final product unique and worthwhile. And as for the music belonging to listeners after it is released, I understand that, too. The music has a particular significance to its creator and then gets to take on new significance each and every time someone hears it, which I think is pretty darn cool. I’m glad you’re over your cold and doing well. Best of luck with finalizing that album! I look forward to hearing the end result. =D


    1. Wow, thanks a lot I really appreciate it. I am into the Time of the Crush now, so I am enjoying the mega focus that comes with that.
      You are so right, it is definitely our own uniqueness which shapes creativity into our own expression.
      I really enjoyed reading your message – thankyou,
      – J


  2. I meant to say when I first read this that I love how the track no one else could have possibly written is called ‘Ocean’. Oh, how we love the sea ;)

    (Totally came back just to say this)


    1. My beautiful friend! ;-)
      I have just finished listening to my uber-rough version of the album… It went very well ;-)
      I will mail you sometime way after midnight. Maybe I am a wizard after all…
      – J x


      1. I’m glad to hear it. Maybe? There’s no maybe about it. You ARE a wizard ;) I expect you to take month-by-month pictures of your beard growing to the floor, by the way ;)

        Yeti hug! x

        (Would that be like a bear hug, d’ya reckon?)


        1. Hug? That’s awesome. Yeti is WAY better than bear. I like your new picture ;-) (Very un-yeti-like tho…)
          You Shall Not Pass! (you can totally pass – just trying out the voice y’know?) ;-)
          My other emails will be more sensical (is a word) that the previous one.
          Hug Back, x


          1. Why thank you ;) Were you expecting me to resemble Chewbacca in some way? I can change it, if you’d rather, to a picture where yeti hair explodes from the four corners of the frame.

            Ha. What is your wizard name? James the… Sleepless? ;) That doesn’t sound like a very powerful wizard. So maybe not.

            I trust you shan’t disappoint. I expect BIG things from this email ;) (not really, but shh) x


            1. I call your bluff on the yeti picture ;-) Do it!
              My wizard name would probably be something like: ‘SpindDrift the Impossible’….maaaaybe…
              Expect BIG THINGS, MASSIVE THINGS!
              (do not expect big things) ;-)


              1. Ahaha, I would change it, but I’m not sure you could handle full-on yeti ;)

                Any particular reason why ‘SpindDrift the Impossible’?



                  1. It takes a special kind of person to embrace the yeti.
                    Ha, 6:22 makes another appearance. It’s all right, I’ll excuse you ;)



                    1. Is it bad that ‘nnnggggg’ makes me laugh? I think it might be, given it’s not a particularly good noise ;) Glad you are no longer ‘nnngggg’, though.

                      My whole day has been one, extended sigh. *SIGH* …


                    2. Nah, it’s fine. Just sigh. You know how it is.
                      Haha, I’m sorry! Now I feel bad :( (’tis a teeeeny weeeeny bit funny though ;) )


                    3. Are they? Then I guess I’ll feed them nectar ..? I’ll frolic through a garden of flowers and dance with my happy bees. I’m a lot of things, aren’t I? ;)



        1. Album is coming along really well. Am just doing a rough mix today, will record next few weeks, then done! ;-)
          (Which I am looking forward to, alot.)
          Glad to hear that you’re ok, and I hope that shit gets better ;-)
          Nice to hear from you,
          – J


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