I thought I would go with an easy topic this week ;-)

So, for me, the purpose of life is…


In case you can’t read my handwriting, it says:

To: create value, and to

connect with, and give that value to others,

in order to foster evolution.

I’ll explain.

When I talk about value I mean: anything that adds life.  Value can be in anything that you create, do, or are.  It could be something you make with your hands, it could be a piece of art, it could be a meal, it could be a house; but it could just as easily be a feeling that you create within yourself and then share, or an act of kindness towards yourself or another.  It could be telling the truth, it could be holding someones hand, it could be creating the 8th wonder of the world.

But creating value in a vacuum is empty.  To share the value that you have created with others results in a far greater and deeper happiness than creating value alone.

Happiness is not the same as pleasure.  Pleasure is generally momentary, and generally serves only the person partaking in it.  It is not lasting, nor does it necessarily benefit others (unless it holds value).  Happiness is a different feeling.  It is hard to pin down with language, but we all know it when we feel it.

Now, I make no claim to knowing How Things Are, or Absolute Truth, or any of that.  This is simply an idea which I have found to be true in my life, and I offer it in case it has any value in yours.  If not, no biggie ;-)

And, on an entirely related subject:

the record is coming along very, very well.

Soon, soon soon.

[40 days till album release]

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252 thoughts on “ The Purpose of Life… ”

  1. Congrat’s on your music success and for creating a valued blog.

    I’ve often considered the “value of life” or the “Meaning” of life. Many people live with confusion and angst over this idea. They feel that they cannot be successful until they understand the meaning of life.

    I believe that life has no “meaning.” It does not exist for a purpose. There is no deity – other than the never ending wonder and force of nature. Religion was created because of our abject fear of death. Yet death is completely normal and natural. It is the relief of pain for many and the end for all. Death is not frightening, happy, sad, confusing or delightful. It is nothing – the complete lack of consciousness. Once we understand this, our fear of death is diminished and we can move on to individual goals.

    Evolution is reality. It is not a “theory.” It has been proven hundreds of thousands of times, from Darwin to Sagan. Life – all life – exists for one profound reason… to procreate and to evolve. All other considerations are secondary and of far less value. From the tiniest virus to the largest mammals, we evolved and we continue to evolve. Producing progeny is all that really matters. We should not have trouble comprehending this.

    This certainly does not mean we should stop tying to make our planet a better place for our progeny to live. From basic science to advanced cosmology, we can and should use our ability to create tools that make our planet better, cleaner and more safe for the next generations. But without the next generations, our effort carries no meaning.


    1. Hey there,
      First, thanks for your kind words, I really appreciate them.
      Your point of view is very interesting. And I think that the fact that you seem to have made your peace with death is a very laudable and courageous thing. It is certainly a generic fear that we all have to process / overcome / come to terms with in our lives. To proactively confront this is to be ahead of the curve for sure.
      I also agree with you that life is evolution. In a larger sense, that is the meaning behind the post. I think that, to create value and share that value with others is the fastest way to evolve. Selfishness puts the brakes on evolution and it was ever thus.
      Thanks for connecting and your well thought out points. I am glad to speak with you and hope you are well.
      – J


  2. I would like to sign up for email updates, but had a hard time finding where to sign up rather than just “follow”. Please show me the link. Also, my way to give back is through giftjoy.org. I use my art to support artists with special needs. It is always beautiful when we use our gifts to support others.


    1. Hey there Holly,
      First, thanks for wanting to sign up, that’s really cool.
      There should be a little form in the sidebar on my site, (just below the wordpress follower count). If you input your email address there, then you’ll receive the email updates. Hope that answers your question, but if it doesn’t then feel free to get back to me.
      I think it’s beyond great that you support artists with special needs thru your art. I agree with your ethos entirely.
      Having a portion of my album proceeds go to VSN and seeing the good work they do has been one of the real joys of releasing the record for me.
      It’s good to meet you,
      Best wishes,
      – J


    1. Hey hey,
      Thanks so much my friend, I’m glad you liked them. ;-)
      Album is done and out and doing well. I am now onto the next thing.
      Really hope this finds you well,
      Good luck with whatever you’re into,
      – J


  3. Reblogged this on Ginger Root and commented:
    I like his perspective and value of life. It’s valuable to experience life in HD of what my brain can handle. The HD only works if my house is in order, and I’m trying to give something away that holds value. Read it in this blog. Thank you for sharing this message.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. “You wander from room to room, searching for the diamond necklace that is already around your neck!” -Rumi

    It is the nature of human beings to be lost, initially and then during periods throughout our lives. We tend to search for anything outside ourselves to be the source of our pleasure, the source of our happiness. When these don’t do the trick, fleeting and unstable as they are, we look outside ourselves some more. In reality we need look no further than our own necks to find the shimmering hope, the limitless joy, the necessary empathic sustenance that keeps our souls from fading or stagnating. When we do manage to realize this, we can see that it is indeed the sharing of wisdom, the baking and breaking bread of experience with others that they may partake of a path (hopefully) less of needless suffering and more of personal development.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, James!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou very much, for both the compliment AND the Rumi quote.
      I love Rumi. I have quite the thing for Sufi poetry AND music. It is ass-kickingly good.
      I am glad to have met you, and hope you are well,
      Best wishes,
      – J


        1. It’s interesting to note that the body represents a casing in skin that takes food, or fuel, to work. Body, mind and spirit all thrive on the same, but different sometimes, elements. If I neglect one area, I neglect it into nothingness. Perhaps than I become anorexic which deprives the rest. So, now i have no point, but i refuse to erase this.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I respect very much your commitment to your words ;-)
            The body is totally important, it is fundamental. It seems that everything (mind / body / awareness) work synergistically – each influencing the other.
            Don’t become anorexic if you can help it. That doesn’t look like fun.
            I, also, refuse to erase this ;-)
            Hope you are well,
            – J

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Nope, far from anorexic, but at one time went from 125 to 97 pounds at 5’6. I know a little, or a lot about struggling. Have a good day. Hope it zooms by with blessings and pineapples .I’m weird.


  5. Hey James, not sure what brought you to my blog, would appreciate you letting me know so I can better understand my own traffic. but I hope you did genuinely like it and come back again soon. I’m new to this game and found your post on the meaning of life quite fascinating and must say I can’t disagree with any of it. Good luck with your work


    1. Thankyou very much sir.
      I believe I came to your blog thru the wordpress reader, I did a search under the keyword ‘world’ and was browsing thru the blogs that came up. I hope that helps. Thankyou for the luck, and thankyou for reaching out – it’s good to make connections! ;-)
      Best wishes,
      – J


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