I thought I would go with an easy topic this week ;-)

So, for me, the purpose of life is…


In case you can’t read my handwriting, it says:

To: create value, and to

connect with, and give that value to others,

in order to foster evolution.

I’ll explain.

When I talk about value I mean: anything that adds life.  Value can be in anything that you create, do, or are.  It could be something you make with your hands, it could be a piece of art, it could be a meal, it could be a house; but it could just as easily be a feeling that you create within yourself and then share, or an act of kindness towards yourself or another.  It could be telling the truth, it could be holding someones hand, it could be creating the 8th wonder of the world.

But creating value in a vacuum is empty.  To share the value that you have created with others results in a far greater and deeper happiness than creating value alone.

Happiness is not the same as pleasure.  Pleasure is generally momentary, and generally serves only the person partaking in it.  It is not lasting, nor does it necessarily benefit others (unless it holds value).  Happiness is a different feeling.  It is hard to pin down with language, but we all know it when we feel it.

Now, I make no claim to knowing How Things Are, or Absolute Truth, or any of that.  This is simply an idea which I have found to be true in my life, and I offer it in case it has any value in yours.  If not, no biggie ;-)

And, on an entirely related subject:

the record is coming along very, very well.

Soon, soon soon.

[40 days till album release]

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252 thoughts on “ The Purpose of Life… ”

  1. Kindness, I find, is rare these days. I’m talking about true kindness, not superficial. I try to be optimistic everyday, but it’s very hard. Reading your post has started my day with hope instead of despair. Thank you:)

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  2. Thanks for liking my post on Kindness and it brought me back to yours. I am envious that you know your purpose of your life….. I am seeking mine and I have a feeling I am getting closer. Thank you so much for this post, it is encouraging ( and yes, will check out your music and if any resonates with me) ….

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  3. I have pondered the notion of the purpose of life for many hours, even days. I suspect I am saying the same thing as you when I say given that there is no “divine” or overarching single purpose for all, one has to determine one’s own purpose. I agree that it should include contributing something positive to others in a way that expresses one’s own humanity.

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  4. Thank you for following my blog, Perspective. You have a very sublime way with words, and your music is of the same fabric. Very nice site. Having read something from my blog, you know my bent. Your thoughts on the purpose of life, giving and sharing value and the necessity of the giving and the sharing, it seems to me, is indicative of a God who is first and foremost creative, who has “relationship” within God’s own being, who’s image we reflect in our being. While some would certainly say that these things can reside within us, within humanity, within a universe without the necessity of a God. To which I would simply say that we know we did not create this existence; that such a purposeful existence we live suggests a larger, overarching Purpose. Peace on your journey!


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    1. Hey there Kevin,
      Thankyou very much for your kind words, I really appreciate them. And thankyou also for stopping by and taking the time to write to me, it really means a lot.
      Hope you are having a good day,
      – J


  5. Hey James,
    I thought this was a particularly compelling analysis. I’ve argued in the past that one of the detrimental effects of post-enlightenment objectivity is that it’s led many people to search their lives for what is objectively valuable, rather than valuing anything; a mistake because to value is an action, a thing is valuable to you. I’ve also typically defined the meaning of life as love, valuing another person’s individuality, that is, their unique relationship to themself and their irreplaceable, qualitatively unique nature. That shares a lot of ground with your concept of giving value to others by forming connections with them. You also raise an intriguing new point- that connection with others involves sharing the value which you place upon the various objects and events in your life with them. It’s a rich, deep analysis.
    I think you’re right to say that these ideas do not constitute objective truth, but not because I find them to be inaccurate, rather because your stated reason for believing them is precisely the one I would recommend: because they are true for you. As it happens, I think for the most part these ideas are true for everyone, but they can’t just be accepted like a fact from a textbook, they have to be discovered to be true in one’s own life or not at all.


    1. Thankyou very much for your in depth, and rich analysis of this idea. When someone goes deep, they can get lost, but your arguments and reasoning are cogent, logical, and useful.
      I really enjoyed reading this.
      Best wishes,
      – J


  6. Thank you for liking my post it lead me to your blog then this post and then finally your music which I’m now playing, love is a river. Just what I’m feeling right now, feeling lonely. Lifted me up thank you


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