Why I Make Music…

I make music because of the place that it comes from.  The state I am in when I am making it.  That place where time disappears and everything else dissolves.  The place where fierce joy rises up, unbidden, like golden light filling a well.

That is why I make music.

I believe that this state is communicable thru music.  And that the communication of this state is something as vital and important to us as food, or air, or love.

For me, that is the value of great art.

I am still recording every night; from around midnight till maybe 5 in the morning.

This is my favourite part of the day.  It doesn’t feel like I have a deadline; it feels almost indecently pleasurable, like rolling in ice cream.  The music is a distillation of all the greatest moments from this practice.  It is concentrated joy in a bottle.  It is captured lightning.  It is my love.  By the end of this week I should have a useable draft of the album in all it’s crazy, light filled, lo-fi glory.

I did some math and worked out that I have spent well over 1000 hours this year solely working on the record.  It will be the distillation of over 1000 hours, into 1 hour of sound.  My most truthful sketches, the most inspired moments captured with a butterfly net and poured over a hard drive, like honey on your tongue.

There is still work to be done; I know this because I still have time.  I will work on this record up until the day I release it.  I don’t have any days off scheduled in the next 6 weeks.  It is going to be the very best it can be.  I can’t wait to give it to you.

It isn’t going to sound like a super produced pop record.  It is going to sound real; like somebody playing and singing their heart out sometime after midnight.  It is going to sound bare bones, lo fi and gorgeous.  A record made in my home studio, using equipment held together with love and duct tape.  Beautiful,  honest and vulnerable.

It is as close to the truth as I can get.  Soon, soon, soon. ;-)

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723 Replies to “Why I Make Music…”

  1. Beautiful. Music is very dear to me… I can never have enough of it and that is good because it is everywhere- in the morning call of a distant train mingled with the chirping of sparrows, in the temple bells ringing with shop shutters going up, in the whoosh of a deep breath and the thumping of the heart. :-)
    I wish you all the very best in your musical endeavor. :-)


  2. You remind me of a great writer. When asked how much he got done that day, he replied, “A lot, I wrote two lines today.” “What is the great joy in that?” “They were a great two lines!”


    1. “Scientist by day, bandchick by night”… best. tagline. EVER. ;-)
      Thanks for the good luck – I am getting to that place near album release when I just sleep and then do music, then sleep then music.
      (seriously tho, Best Tagline Ever) ;-)


        1. You totally can. I really believe that. You need a ‘reasonable amount of unreasonability’ to do this, but you totally can. Just start now. It will be badass. ;-) It is honestly a really great life. I sleep, I do music and I get to talk to lovely people like yourself. That is the entirety of my life, and I fully believe that anyone can do it.
          Be well, Bandchick,
          – J x


            1. You’re most welcome. ;-)
              There is always a period of development needed before you are ready. You will know when it’s the right time.
              Science Rocks!!
              Good luck and let me know how it goes, ok?
              – J


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