The first big announcement about the upcoming album is…

…A portion of the profits from every album sale will be donated to a charity called VSN (Volunteer Service Nepal).

I am a fully independent, 100% listener supported artist.

What this means in reality is that I have two jobs.  I make art, and I also make and run the business which serves as the bridge between me and anyone who wants to buy my art.  In terms of business, I wanted to create a system that didn’t just help me, but helped others as well.  One of the ways that I am achieving this is: by channelling a part of the income from all album sales to places that it will do good in the world.

And VSN is definitely one of those places.

VSN is an organisation that operates in Nepal, whose primary focus is: helping displaced, destitute, and orphaned children.  Their aim is to provide sustainable assistance, enabling others to help themselves.  They do this by: running orphanages for the kids, through teaching and education, and with community maintenance programmes.

Theirs, is a thoroughly worthy enterprise.

VSN Kids
Some of the children VSN is helping.

As well as believing 100% in what they do and the reasons that they do it, I also have a personal link to the organisation.  They came to my attention because Jen has volunteered with VSN twice, and has experienced firsthand the impact that they have on these children’s lives.

Jen, working with VSN in Nepal
Jen, working with VSN in Nepal

I am not blind to the fact that I am in a very fortunate position.  I get to do the thing I love everyday.  I have enough food.  I have a place to live that’s warm and dry.  I have good coffee, and I have people around me that I love.  For me, this is very close to a perfect life.  It’s a cliché to say that not everyone in this world is as fortunate.  Sadly, it’s a cliché because it’s true.

So this is my small way of trying to redress the balance a little.  To take some of my fortunate and pass it on.  When you buy my album, you will not only get the greatest music that I am capable of making, you will also in a very real sense, be helping people out in the big wide world.

This is only the beginning.

[If you are interested in VSN and the work they do, or want to make a donation, you can visit their site, here.]

My name is James Radcliffe and I am a 100% audience supported independent artist.  If you like what I do (and can afford it) then please consider buying some of my music.  Each purchase really makes a big difference to me and 10% of every sale goes to a charity which: houses, feeds, clothes, and educates orphaned children in Nepal.

Also, every month I send out a newsletter packed with Interesting and Exclusive Things.  If you sign up today you’ll also get 3 FREE tracks of my music as a welcome gift.

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24 thoughts on “ 1st Album Announcement! ”

    1. When I started writing for this album, I sketched out just over 100 pieces in about 4 months.
      Whilst I started working on the ones that interested me, I posted 2 streams of little moments that I liked from that initial writing period.
      You can find them on the ‘sounds’ page. They give a kind of taste of what I do.
      Otherwise, Jan 31st (real album time) is getting close ;-)
      – J


  1. James! Thanks for liking my blog post. But more importantly, I’m commenting about your project with Nepal!! That’s SO wonderful! My boyfriend is from Kathmandu. He came to the States about four years ago. I’d love to be involved somehow. And even get him involved! He already sends back a lot of money to his family, and I’m pretty tight on funds myself at the moment… is there another way to help that will benefit this organization? My e-mail address is Thanks.


    1. That’s totally awesome. This makes me really happy. ;-)
      There is a bunch more ways you can help. I will email you the address of the lady who will be able to tell you more about it.
      You are a rockstar, there is no denying it! ;-)


  2. Great blog, and more importantly.. A brilliant outlook. I would love to support your cause by posting a blog giving my opinion of the thoughts surrounding your movement/music. If you happen to be be performing in Dallas one day pleas let me know. I would love to come and capture some images of the magic myself, then blog about my experience.

    Love how you mentioned what you have to be thankful for in life… Especially the reference to GOOD COFFEE! I hear you my brother, life is good.

    Thanks for the read,


    1. Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate that.
      Feel free to blog away about me and my music, if you do then let me know and I’ll shout about it online, and I will definitely let you know if I play anywhere in Dallas.

      Coffee is super important, no? ;-) Life IS good my brother,

      Thanks again, your words brightened my day.


  3. Jen is really ‘fortunate’ – to do things she likes. Reality is that people end up being unhappy due to their so-called liabilities and responsibilities. We need courage to come out of the conventional mindset of being ‘successful’.
    All the best, Jen.


    1. Thankyou so much. I really like the idea too, and it’s crazy when you realise that an amount that you consider to be quite small, can have such a large impact on someone’s life in a different part of the world.
      Your good wishes made me smile,
      Merry Christmas to you too, ronditawashere ;-)


  4. Props to you man! For starters, recording an entire album by yourself is a daunting task. I spent months with a producer who sorta knew what he was doing and we got a few demo tracks. Also, I’m glad to see you have a passion for humanitarian work. I hope everything falls into place so you can do what you love and help those in need at the same time.


    1. Thanks man, It is a lot of work to be sure, but I think the end result will be worth it. Thanks for the encouragement too, at this point, it’s like gold dust.
      I am glad that I’ve been able to partner up with such a good charity too, people have already started finding it thru the blog, which makes me happy.
      Best wishes.


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