It has been a Crazy week.

Everything broke.  First the internet, then all my studio equipment, and finally my computer.

Basically, anything that was vital to my recording setup just checked out, or flat out died.

Weirdly, this turned out to be a good thing…

Of course I set about fixing everything, but whilst I did that, instead of recording as I had planned, I sat down each day and just hung out with the pieces that are making up the album.

I worked on arrangements, wrote some new stuff, got deeper, had fun.  It was something that the pieces needed, but probably wouldn’t have gotten, had everything not gone dark.

And then, slowly, things got fixed, piece by piece.  With a lot of help from friends (you know who you are;-) and a hefty whack of time, faith and duct tape, I am now able to carry on with the sessions for the record.

Just before the big dark, I mixed down the current version of the tracks I am working on, dumped them onto my phone, and went a’ walkin.

It was the first time I had listened to anything approximating an album of my music.  It was as surreal as it was invaluable.  It blew my mind.

Now, this little ritual has become a staunch part of my working day.  After I finish everything up in the studio, I go nightwalking.

I listen to the music I am working on, write lyrics, or listen to other peoples albums.  Occasionally I’ll call someone to see if they’re up (No-One is up at 4 in the morning;-), but otherwise I just walk until my feet carry me back to my flat.  Sometimes, I get to see stuff like this…

Moon Thru Clouds
Moon Thru Clouds

In other news, I have been talking to a local filmmaker about collaborating on something very special for the album, to drop before the release, and it looks as if it’s going to happen! So…

Watch This Space in the coming weeks…you never know what you might find. ;-)

Big love to you all.

[ 75 days to go ]

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10 thoughts on “ Fire! Wrack! Ruin! Awake! ;-) ”

  1. I remember the first time I heard another musician play music I wrote. It was an out-of-body experience, for sure. I knew it would be in advance, so we recorded it, too. Every time I listen to this superior guitarist play my compositions, even though the recording isn’t high-quality, I get goosebumps and little tears in the corners of my eyes. Sharing one’s creativity with others, especially other classical guitarists (I am one) is AWESOME. I hope I never, ever get too jaded to not tear up when I sit quietly somewhere and listen to my music. What a great time to be alive! We have so many amazing musical and collaborative tools at our finger-tips. Best wishes on your musical journey!


  2. “Hanging out” with pieces of music – our own or someone else’s – is as important as actively producing it, in my experience. Being spectators in our own lives is priceless, and perspective is the point, really, isn’t it?
    The tangent of the turn of phrase was a pleasure –


    1. Perspective is definitely a necessary skill ;-) Couldn’t agree more.
      And hanging out with music is, for me, one of life’s greatest pleasures.
      Glad you stopped by, hope you are well,
      – J


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