This post was initially going to be about: Streaming, and how Streaming is affecting music, but that is not where my head is at today.  Because…

Tomorrow, I commence recording sessions for the album proper.  Tomorrow, it begins.

When I began this process, just over 9 months ago, I wrote, sketched, and demoed over 100 ideas.  (You can hear a scattering of these, here.)  Over the last 5 months I have whittled these down.  Approximately 12 pieces remain.   They are as ready as they are going to be.  The time is Now.

At the moment, the album is a seething, amorphous mass; some of it is already clear to me, other parts are still muddy.  I can hear it now in my mind but it is far off, like the memory of a dream.  I want to hear it clearly, to listen to it in the world.  I want to share it.  I want that very badly.

There is pressure here, but it’s good pressure; it’s a pressure that focuses.  The truth is that: there is something obscenely luxurious about cutting off all distractions; about focusing down on just one thing and letting everything else go.  Everything gets simpler.  It becomes OK or socially acceptable to be a selfish, curmudgeonly hermit, because you have a Good Reason.

I have spent this last week getting all my ducks in a row. Squaring away all loose ends.  Gently severing any last commitments.  Getting ready to begin.  From now on, I am making the album, and doing things that support that process, period.

How many times do you really have the space and time to see what you are capable of if all distractions are removed?  I take nothing for granted; I could drop dead after I finish this, maybe this will be my only shot; I don’t second guess fate.

So I’m going to give it everything I’ve got.

Because, in 13 weeks, I wont own these pieces anymore, and nor should I.  Once I release these, they will cease to be mine.  They will belong to the world; they will belong to you.

Over the next 12 weeks, this blog is going to be a backstage pass into the making of this album.  It will be a transparent, honest account of the process.  I am as curious as anybody to see how this will play out.

Then, in a little under 13 weeks – you will get to hear the music, and hold it in your virtual hands, hearts and minds.

I wish you well.

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