This week’s blog is in 2 parts.

In the first I will talk about my new hero, in the second I will talk about music and present you (perhaps for the first time in recorded history) with a musical representation of a robot having an orgasm….


Here is a picture of my new hero:

Antoinette Tuff

This is Antoinette Tuff.

As you probably know by now, last Tuesday, when a man carrying a gun and a bag of ammunition walked into the school where she was working,  Antoinette Tuff talked him into giving himself up, peacefully, and with zero loss of life.

There is almost nothing about this story, and this woman, that I do not find inspiring, humbling and incredibly worthy.

So often in the mainstream media we are confronted with the worst of us, the depths of brutality of which we, as human beings are capable.  It is a breath of fresh air to see the best of us also being held up.

To me, holding firm to your beliefs and acting on them in the face of potentially great personal cost, even in the face of death, is representative of the highest human trait, which is that of courage.

This woman knew that she could have died.  She was terrified and full of fear and yet she stayed true to herself and her beliefs and acted out of compassion, not only for the potential victims, but also for the attacker himself.

In the pressing question of how we choose to combat violence, both in our own lives and globally, at the very least this woman has shown that there exist more effective alternatives than simply adding more weapons to the mix.

And now….[MUSIC]

Generally, when I’m writing, I have no idea of where I am going or what the outcome will be.  It’s a strange kind of freedom, to be led along by something that you can’t describe, and only afterwards be able to see the footprints of your journey.  Sometimes, the music I make comes from a very deep place, sometimes I make stuff that sucks, and sometimes I make things which make me laugh.

This is one of those.

This is a small section of a demo that took about an hour to make, from conception to finish.  I started about midnight, finished about one in the morning and only afterward found out that Jen had stayed awake until I had finished so as not to disturb me.

It is a section of a piece that I entitled ‘RoboGasm’, because I thought that it sounded like a robot having an orgasm.

There is some joy, some ecstacy, a touch of irreverence and more than a little laughter.

Enjoy, and feel free to comment in the box below.

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4 thoughts on “ My New Hero // RoboGasm ”

  1. Okay, being constantly tempted by potential musical masterpieces that Soundcloud “can’t find” is like masturbating for eight minutes without orgasm. At some point, frustration and chafing sets in and I start mentally wandering to YouTube videos of bizarre science experiments in an attempt to sublimate.


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