Time to move.  Jen and I have packed our bikes full of stuff and are making for the northwest, to cycle the length and breadth of the Outer Hebrides.

(I just realized, fully one quarter of my packing is coffee.  Is this normal?)

Coffee is essential.  Other essentials include: something to sit on whilst I meditate, something to write music with (ukulele), something to write in, something to read, and Jen.

(Read this list back.  Note to self: Never go full hippy.)

I love playing and writing in nature, I know this also seems a little hippy, but it’s true.  I find it easier to connect to wherever my music comes from.  Ukulele is definitely my weapon of choice for this mobile writing.  A Ukulele is a beautiful thing.  But am forced to admit that, it is a rare person that can make it look rockstar cool.

When I first played Uke in front of Jen, she watched for a little while, then began to quiver while she slid down the wall.  I asked her she was ok and, from the floor between giggles came a little voice:



The Hebrides are meant to be the most beautiful place in the British isles, (I read it on Wikipedia), and they also test a metric fuck ton of weapons along the coast apparently.

Both these things are true.

How did that conversation go?

Man 1: ‘This is definitely the most beautiful place in the British Isles’

Man 2: ‘I agree. Let’s see if we can blow it up.’

Anyway, I am looking forward to it massively.  Unless I get blown up by unexploded ordnance whilst surfing.  Then, not so much.

I wish you happy holidays of your own.


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One thought on “ What I did for my Summer Holidays. ”

  1. The word hippy should be retired. It is only ever used by the conservative jealous who resent being forced into stuffy churches and a 9 to 5 job. And white Hanes briefs. Pity them.

    Then rock the ukulele with your hair down.


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