So, I am making a record.

In this first stage, I am making demo recordings of seed ideas.  These may or may not grow into pieces.  At the moment, the quality of the yield doesn’t matter to me as much as setting up the parameters for the process.  I work for a certain amount of time every day, this is non-negotiable and vital.  The discipline is how I draw the line in the sand between my regular life and my work.

I thought 12 pieces in a month would be a good target.  In February I ended up with 19.  Some of these were pieces that have been in my mind for a while, some are brand new.  A good start.

Generally I have been starting with a seed idea, (which could be an image, a line of words, an emotion or just anything that speaks to me).  Then I fetish that idea with time, focus and love until it grows into something and reaches some kind of rudimentary completion.  Then I move on.

I am enjoying this stage of the process, mostly because there is no real standard of quality that needs to be attained.  I like working fast and hard.  These pieces are for me alone.  Rough little sculptures; miniature mock ups of something bigger.

I work most days of the month.  When I am writing, my hours tend to slip until I am operating upside down.  I generally finish work around 4 in the morning.  I work till I’m done, then relax, then sleep.  Then I wake up at whatever time, take my run up, and get to the work again.  It is a good rhythm for me.

I plan to keep on with this initial phase for another 2 months.  After that we will see where the record takes me.  There is a set a release date (see the ever-present countdown clock) and I have a rough idea of timescales, but at the moment I am just thinking in terms of doing the work each day.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this, whoever you are.

Another Day at the Office

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15 thoughts on “ So, I am making a Record. ”

  1. I’m slowly training myself mentally to accept a fluid, intuitive schedule without descending into twitching anxiety about “not working” during “working hours.” All those years of receiving base level social acceptance from the herd is stupifyingly difficult to transform. I still get excited on Friday afternoons. For no reason. And the urge to travel and hike on Sunday is practically inured into my DNA. Weekdays, I take guilt with my coffee and beat myself up until 5 PM.


          1. I occasionally write lyrics. These replace our national anthem.

            Coffee Addicts’ Anthem

            Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light
            What so proudly we brewed since our grinder’s last cleaning,
            Who’s broad scoop and bright beans through the perilous night,
            O’er the counter we watched, praying that we’re not dreaming?

            Mr. Coffee’s red glare, the scent bursting in air,
            Gave proof through the night that our buzz would be there;
            Oh, say, does that Starbucks green logo yet wave
            O’er the land of ADD, the home of java slaves.


  2. You’re an interesting person James Radcliffe and as I have come to know more about your process and style I realize ( in part at least the reason) why my path crossed here with yours. Your commitment and devotion to your creative process is reverent. I needed to be reminded after my own work today that seeds of visions need that complete focus and devotion. I’ve been trying to write in shifts, it’s not working and is leaving me feeling pretty disjointed if you will.

    Your ” Then I fetish that idea with time, focus and love until it grows into something and reaches some kind of rudimentary completion.”
    I just needed to hear that. Thank you.


  3. I can see how being alone is essential for your process. Being a married woman I see that I would have to take a different approach, but the “line in the sand” is non-negotiable. My husband, also a musician and artist, would understand, you’d think. If only cooking and cleaning were negotiable too.


    1. Hey there,
      I live with my girlfriend and my cat ;-) So I am not alone all the time.
      But I do need to be when I’m doing some aspects of what I do.
      Thankyou for your words, they made me smile. Good luck with your ventures ;-)
      – J


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